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Part 46: Operational Report: 21/01/42

The Sturgeon[/b] bounces a torpedo off a valuable Japanese tanker.

As does the Plunger.

The KXVII has more luck though with a freighter. It seems the subs are back with a vengeance after a week of inactivity.

The sub comes back again later and hits the ship with another two torpedoes into the ship.

The enemy continue to bomb the mainland, Changsha coming under attack today.

The Hermes continues to strike at ships in the area of Celebes, but her Swordfish fail to get any hits in the morning raid.

Over Port Moresby, our fighters are being less than stellar in their defence. I can't be anything but let down, but I suppose that they have no experience, being fresh to the front.
Still, I had such high hopes.

The Imperial Army in Singapore lay down a horrific barrage, shattering the defenders and leaving hundreds dead or wounded.

Moulmein comes under attack, and the fighters from Rangoon come to their aid.

The defenders of Manila manage to get a plane up today, but as I've withdrawn Wagner, its not as successful as it could have been.

Oddly, the pilot has more luck against the second, larger raid.

But that's him done for the day, and the next raid sinks [i]SS-41
. Whatever I try, I don't seem to be able to stop sub commanders from putting into that death trap of a port.

Another day with no enemy air activity until the afternoon, with most of the action being in China.

There's not much else to mention again today. So I'm going to have a quick look at the fighters at Port Moresby, actually, just the pilots.

The numbers in green have improved in the last day, the ones in orange have improved in the last month. But as these are on a scale of 1-100, you can see that these guys are not the best in the world.
They are improving however, and as expected in the air to air categorises as week as some defensive ability.
After a few weeks of fighting, they should start to become fairly expert that this. We'll come back to them later on.