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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 680: Operational Report: 17/10/43

There is some more fighting over Chittagong, which loses us another plane.

In fact, its not a good day for our planes in the region all around.

The battle for Pegu continues slowly. But I need this base before I can restart the Rangoon attacks.

There is another brutal day at Haichow, but it seems that my Chinese troops, after nearly two years of misleading and brutal battles, are superior to anything the Japanese have in the theatre.

Well, except for these guts, but the Sinyang force is eighty kilometres away, so they'll get theirs soon enough.

Hollandia continues to go well, we should be able to finish this soon.

I need to take out that Japanese force in northern China, but the Sinyang groups will be able to deal with that, apart from that I'm waiting for the carriers at Rabaul to replenish their planes, then we can start planning the next waves of attacks.
Although more time planning means less casualties.

Oh god, she's heading home. Say goodbye people.