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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 725: Operational Report: 01/12/43

The Japanese opt to bomb Shanghai at night.

There is another Shock attack at Kaifeng, and the Japanese lose another unit.

There are more raids on Akyab today.

The bombing of Biak continue.

The Japanese really do like throwing away their troops in China, but I'm not going to complain. I would like to know why every time I take a new base, my base points seem to drop for a week, then jump up.

I do have a new toy however.

The scores are closing on each other, we've gained 500 whole points on the Japanese over the course of this month, and If I can increase that rate, the war can be winnable in short time.

We've taken eight bases this month, helping us with this goal, but the number of points we've got has not changed much.

Both sides have lost fourteen ships each.

The Japanese lost twice the ground points that we did this month, losses they cannot continue to take.

Plane wise, they lost 342 more than our own losses of 283 planes. I wish these were losses they couldn't take.

Finally, this is what the Japanese empire looks like at the moment....

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