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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 755: Operational Report: 31/12/43

We send in another bombing run deep inland.

And the Japanese bomb Akyab.

The Burma road remains closed for another day.

With the poor General replaced at Mandalay, we take out another layer of fortifications and inflict some heavy losses on the Japanese.

At Kaifeng, all the numbers are for us bar the casualty figures.

Some of our troops have moved into Indochina, and are now attacking Hanoi.

We make an attack on Tsinan, where I noticed we outnumbered the Japanese.

Another assault at Jaluit, I would stop these if I could.

We are seeing a good number of attacks over the place at the moment. Lets hope some of them begin to go our way some time soon.
Its going to be an interesting new year.