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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 794: Operational Report: 08/02/44

A Japanese sub tries to get close to the Valiant, but is seen off by the destroyers.

The bombers get a hit at Peleliu. Finally.

Another oiler bites the dust. Three torpedoes go into her side.

Marcus Island is bombed, and we lose more planes there. I wish I could move the others off.

I'm not going to be using the Shanghai runway any time soon.

At Kaifeng, the losses are balancing up, apart from the fact that the Japanese are losing lots of squads.

Somehow the Japanese get a division behind us, and retake Prome. Things are going from bad to worse in Burma.

Things are going well everywhere but Burma. With Prome lost I am moving all my forces back there to retake it, then I will have my men rest up. I need to rethink my strategy here.

Ah well, Rangoon may have to wait a while, and I was so close.....