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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 801: Operational Report: 15/02/44

Oh baby, that's what I like to see in the morning.

Our ships fleeing Ambon come under attack by the Betties, but they pick one off with flak and sustain no more damage.

We make some attacks on the ship at Sorong, causing more Japanese casualties.

I'd send ships to pick up these planes, but the Japanese would just crash their own planes into them.

After yesterdays ineffective night attack, the Japanese bomb Shanghai by day.

We send the enemy in Tsinan falling back.

There is another day of fighting over Akyab.

We continue to batter the Japanese on the Burma road, but nothing seems to shift them.

At least we retake Prome, and can now continue to push south.

Our scores jump by 136 points, why?