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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 835: Operational Report: 20/03/44

The Lautern invasion force is attacked by bombers.

Our flak gunners keep them off the decks though.

On the ground, we may be in for a long fight.

At Ambon the fighting begins to turn.

Prome is hit once more.


Our carriers hanging around the Bonin's keep themselves amused.

They break up about four attacks, but the Japanese do get some planes through their net in the end.

Another chunk of the Japanese AV is thrown away at KIAfeng, I shall order an attack of my own tomorrow.

Rangoon! Finally the city is mine! And no attacks at Iwo-jima either, so I can start to repair the damage there. We gain 2,400 points on the Japanese in one day, and even the loss of three ships in the Bonin's can't dampen my mood.

I immediately send two squadrons to the city, and order them to begin building fortifications to defend from counter attacks.

Now its time to build up, rest up and take the last bits of Burma back, before marching south- ON TO SINGAPORE!

Yes, I am going to use this to counterbalance the disaster at Iwo-Jima. Guess which thing I'm going to be mentioning more?