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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 841: Operational Report: 26/03/44

Our carrier force supporting Iwo-Jima runs into a supply force overnight.

The Japanese attack out ships with a fighter escort. Thankfully the come in conventionally.

We're not that lucky for the next wave.

Its afternoon before the carriers get around to dealing with the ships they ran into.

The bombers drone over Sapporo once more.

Look you idiots – one the ships, not attack the Japanese!

The air battle for Prome continues.

Deep in Burma, we begin to clear out the remaining Japanese forces.

We attack at Lautern once more, and cause some nice losses on the enemy.

I really have no idea why the troops at Iwo are continuing the assault! I keep telling them to load. I wonder if its because I have not yet set their destination to home, I shall try that for tomorrow, if so then that is stupid.

At this rate, there are not going to be enough ships to take them all out!

On the plus side, I have more planes at Sappero now, I forgot yesterday that I had a convoy with supplies and fresh planes heading north! Tomorrow should be interesting.