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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 843: Operational Report: 28/03/44

We send up out planes over Rangoon once more, I really need to get some ground crews into the area, as our plane numbers are dropping.

The damage to the runway is mounting as well, I miss a shot, but we lose bout ten planes in one bombing run.

A Japanese forces comes out of the jungle to attack Bassein. They outnumber our force massively, but the 254th Armoured Brigade fights hard, and gives the starving Japanese a bloody nose before withdrawing. Unfortunately they lose most of their tanks doing so.

God morning Sappero!

We lose two planes to flak, and one runs into a balloon - I may need to raise their bombing hight, I have no idea why it is that low!

There is still the occasional bombing run on Guam.

The Japanese throw themselves into the attack at KIAfeng. They lose men ten to one, and our losses are not exactly small.

I order a counter attack, and although losses are similar, the damage done to the Japanese is much greater, and our assault odds are now positive!

The Battle for KIAfeng is now decided, its just a matter of time. I want to surround them before I attack once more, then I can eliminate all hundred thousand Japanese troops!