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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 845: Operational Report: 30/03/44

We've not heard from the Shad for a while – but its back now!

The captain has missed sinking tankers it seems.

The Japanese are sending the occasional bomber wave over Iwo-jima.

We hit Sapporo once more, but the damage is minimal, I need better bomb sights!

Wow, a day with only one area mentioned, I think that's a first! I need those ships out of Iwo-jima now, I don't want to lose any more people than I already have.
In other news, I begin planning for an invasion of Guam, the enemy fighter concentration there seems to have slackened off a bit, so I should be able to take the area now.
Then I look at the scores, and notice I have lost 200 points.

Oh god dam it!