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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 886: Operational Report: 10/05/44

Its a quiet day in the air, but the Japanese do send some planes over Rangoon.

Our men have made it into Tiland, and find the enemy unready for their advance.

In Burma proper we make the enemy fall back once more.

We smash our way through the last of the defences at Sorong today, but I really need these men to rest.

A day of good ground combat today, I'm going to keep the pressure up in Thailand, before the Japanese forces get themselves organized. We cross the 1000 point barrier today.

Zeroisanumber posted:

Yep. It's actually really, really hard to play the game straight against the AI because the temptation to savescum away bad outcomes can be nearly overwhelming.

Feel for me. I've done it once, and that's because the AI used a stupid path for my carriers and took them 200 miles further north than I ordered.