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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 995: Operational Report: 27/08/44

Shanghai is hit once more at night, this time with Peggys.

This is the Tinian bomber's new target. Their new burning target.

Further raids only add to this firestorm.

The Guam bombers are less effective, but do manage to get a few hits in.

I just wish I could get the Havoc into range of a good city.

We see the enemy strike north of Rangoon, but we are getting more and more fighters in the area.

The Pagan troops need to rest now, but we're in no danger of losing this one.

Not a bad day of bombing there, and quiet in most other areas. Another 180 points, but it could be better!

steinrokkan posted:

What happened to the Crusader Kings project you've been mentioning for some time now?