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Part 7: Day 05, The Demes Northlands, Attack & Defense (Victory)

Dr. Snark posted:

Shas'o, while I still believe that the Northlands are a prime target, perhaps you should take a more cautionary approach to the battle this time and shore up your defenses before committing to a push.

The Eldar are conniving, deceitful tricksters, and trying to assault them before you have a solid force is suicidal. You should get Hammerheads for the assault. Like, lots of them.

Scintilla posted:


Again, fuck the Eldar.

Night10194 posted:

Go for the Northlands!

We fall back only to regroup. The Greater Good must prosper.

We shall go for the Demes Northlands, though if we plan to play a defensive match, we'll want to follow the path of the patient hunter.

Our base is secluded upon a hill in the south.

Scouting, there's a valley that would force the enemy to funnel through our defenses before reaching our base. We'll set up turrets at these points.

Aha, they already arrive! There's a choke point at the end of the valley. If we concentrate our forces here, the enemy won't be able to reach our base without jetpack tech.
Shas'o Kais. Back for more?

Uh, Shas'o?
Did you think I came alone? You foolish child.
Fall back, fall back! Put some distance between her blade and open fire!

Shas'o, I got her! I got the Farseer!
Excellent shot, but she'll be back before long.

Incidentally, these are the Eldar Guardians. They're standard ranged infantry. They're cheap and can reinforce in large numbers, but are terrible at melee. Their large numbers can look threatening, but it's like swatting away a handful of ants. The Tau guns will shred them.

They've pushed us back into the canyon, Shas'o.
The Kroot will ensure they go no further.

The Eldar shall rue the day they chose to confront the Greater Good.

Set up a Vehicle Beacon by that strategic point, and prepare for another attack.

Commander, there are critical locations in the centre of the battlefield. We shall take them for you.

Watch out for their Howling Banshees.

Hmm, Rangers attack us as well. Bring forward a Vespid Stingwing detachment. Flush them out.

Haha, excellent! The tides of battle flow in our favour.

These are Eldar Howling Banshee squads, by the way. Light infantry, specializing in melee. Not too threatening to our Kroot and Vespid auxiliaries. Their screams can destroy morale, but if that happens to our melee teams, the Tau plasma guns will still melt them.
Shas'o, the Drone Squads are online.
Ah, excellent! Allow me to introduce a decisive tactic of the Tau Empire: Drone Swarms.

Mass swarming is not a skill unique to the Orkz. Our Drones are well-built, solid machines. Infantry don't stand a chance against them, and neither do most vehicles. Their weapons have a very limited range, but in large numbers, they can overwhelm and disrupt nearly any foe.

The Drones are cutting them down, Shas'o.
Good. Send them north, afterwards. The enemy base is likely there.

I see Taldeer makes a futile flanking attack towards our base.

Meanwhile, our Stealthsuits eliminate the Eldar listening posts and take the points for ourselves.

Shas'o, the Drones are sending notifications: they've located the base.
Excellent. Standard de-clawing tactics. Shut down their offensive capabilities and lets turn the Northlands into a Tau colony.

The Drones have turned the Eldar base into a killing field.

They're currently dismantling their means of production.

Stingwing squad, here. We are in the process of wiping out the Eldar teleportation tech and are taking their strategic points.

Aaaaand, the Eldar base is harmless.
Call off the Drones, have them block the the Eldar's exit.

Drone Squads have the ability to burrow in the ground, surprising enemies that lack detectors.

You should leave this place, Tau. Our work here is of the utmost importance.
Ha, cute. The Eldar are trying to break out by throwing swarms of Guardians at us. Remember what I said about swatting away ants?


Their Bonesingers will try to rebuild, but it's a pointless gesture. Our Drones will keep them from advancing their tech enough to ever become a threat. I do admire their builder unit, though. They can teleport and can disable enemy buildings. None of our useless Earth Caste Drones can do that. Say, how are our defenses coming along?

Excellent, Shas'o. We've captured all the slag deposits and fortified them.

We also have a number of secondary Cadre Headquarters, complete with power grids.

And we've fortified all advance strategic points with Barracks and Vehicle Beacons. If they ever decide to attack us here, they'll be facing the wrong end of our guns.

Ha, great work, Shas'uis. Send in the Drones. Tear it all down.

Now nothing can hide from me. This will cut down on the need to call in Vespid Stingwings.

Congratulations on your victory, Shas'o Kais. You've done a great service for the Greater Good.
Thank you. Anything to report?
The Necron have once again attacked the Imperial Guard, but, uh, this time they won.
Hmm. I hope those undead monstrosities do not gather too much power.

Uh oh. O'Kais, Farseer Taldeer is headed this way! She's trying to retake the Northlands!
*sigh* She can try. What are we facing?
Two strike teams. They're trying to flank us.

Get some Fire Warriors out there. Send the Kroot Hounds with them. Heh, get a load of this. This is what the Demes Northlands looked like when we first attacked the Eldar base:

This is what it looks like now:

Taldeer will soon be regretting her life choices.

Shas'o, the frontline reports are coming fast. They've already located a base.
The Kroot Hounds have removed Farseer Taldeer's throat from her neck.

A Drone Swarm has located the second base. They don't stand a chance.

Our main forces are ready. Sending them into the fray.
Make it quick, I'm tired.

First base is down!

Second base is down.

This will allow me to conduct assaults behind enemy lines. From this point on, I will be focussing on offensive Wargear.

Right, I'm going to sleep. Gather the War Council and decide our next plan of attack.

We have successfully cut off Farseer Taldeer from her headquarters in Tyrea. If we were feeling brave, we could attempt to take her stronghold and eliminate the Eldar from the Dark Crusade entirely.

The Ariel Highlands are also adjacent to us. Considering how the battle went the last time we were there, I dunno if we want to attempt it. If Eldar could get angry, Taldeer is probably furious right now.
These are not our only options. Do not forget that we can spend a turn defending, or even move back through our territory. The Necron are gathering strength to the east of Tash'n, and Warlord Gorgutz has moved into the Agamar Desert to strengthen his Ork Horde.

By the way, Shas'o Kais's Honour Guard is beginning to take shape. We currently are employing these squads: