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by Blind Sally

Part 8: Days 06, 07 and 08 - The Panrea Lowlands, Or'es Tash'n, The Agamar Desert

habituallyred posted:

Attack the Desert as the orks will be nothing without their leader. Also I must ask as to why the stealth veterans were not available for the unsuccessful attack. It seems like starting out with a force to invisibly capture points would be very useful.

mcclay posted:

Damn Xenos, attack the bloody Orks before they launch a full out WAAAGH on our flanks! If I have to work with blue-skinned horrors I'd prefer to survive it.

Dr. Snark posted:

Head for the desert, mainly because the mountains near there contain one of the most fun missions in the game. And we get more Fire Warrior Bodyguards, which are horrifyingly powerful at range.

We move for the desert. This will give a chance to build up requisition, too, so it's a wise tactical move. As an aside, as long as a leader is stationed in a province adjacent to the one that is being attacked, they will be able to quickly move in to defend it. So expect to face see Warlord Gorgutz.

Day 6

We've moved our forces back to the Panrea Lowlands.
Anything to report?
Nothing, Shas'o. There have been no enemy movements.

Day 7

Back in Tash'n.
Good. Mobilize the forces, we attack Agamar Desert at dawn.

Shas'o, you may be interested in this report: Warlord Gorgutz has moved on the Ariel Highlands. The Orkz have defeated the Eldar.
Interesting. And Taldeer?
It seems she was able to escape. Our Pathfinder say she has returned to Tyrea.
And there she'll stay, if I have anything to say about it.

Day 8

Honour Guard, spread out, take the immediate strategic points.
On it.

I'll keep watch around the bend. The Orkz are aggressive and may already be on their way--

Roight, derez dey are!
Gorgutz wuz roight, dem grey-skinz is movin' in on our territoriez.
Oi, grey-skin! Up 'ere!

A Wartrak. Basic Ork vehicle. It's fast, and can be upgraded with infantry disrupting bombs. Left alone or in groups they might be dangerous. Not to the Tau, though. Stealthsuits, move up!
Activating jetpacks.

Stormboyz can be a problem. Their jetpacks let them move in quick, disrupting our Fire Warriors. I haven't any Kroot trained up, yet, so this might prove challenging.

Throwing an EMP.

Uh, boss? Me Wartrak's not workin' no more?
You git, youse lettin' da grey-skins muck up yer ride.

The Warboss has detection technology! Let's put some distance between ourselves and the Ork blades.

Wot's dis? You train up yer lil'shooa boyz in 'ere? Gotta say, deyz awfully fragile. Not worth da botha, you ask me.
No one asked, barbarian!
Why, ain't you da sensitive one.
Leave this place, Ork, return to your peninsula!
Ehh heh heh heh, I'd like to see yer makez me.

Orkz are down, Shas'o. Bringing Tau guns to bear on Gorgutz.
Let him have it!

Da boss is down!

More Orkz, Shas'o.

Roight, youse boyz make a distraction. Youse boyz help me cover da boss's retreat.
Running away, are we?
Nah, we'z gonna come back an 'av annuva go at yer, grey-skin. Don't count as no loss, dat way.
Your logic astounds me. That's a Big Mek, a secondary Ork commander. Slow, but brutal close-combat warriors. Unfortunately, they can teleport, meaning they're great at disrupting our Fire Warriors. Fire Warrior regulars, engage in melee. Hold them back so the Bodyguards can rain down plasma on them!
We got'em.

Move forward through the canyons. Stealthsuits, capture that point!

Ork Listening Posts up ahead, Shas'o. Tread softly, all Ork buildings are armed with defensive turrets.
They're held together with garbage, they'll go down fast enough.

More Big Meks. I swear, we've encountered eight of them in this desert already! Focus plasma fire.

Ah, youse ain't so tuff. Go on, boyz, push'em back!

Fall back to the base. Lure them into our turrets. The patient hunter always gets their prize.
Ahhh, maybe dis wuz a mistake?

That took care of them.
Back through the canyons! I want that Listening Post torn down. Their base has to be nearby.

Reinforcements keep coming from the north.
Then that's where we shall go.

We guessed right, looks like this must be the place.

There's the headquarters. Tear down that trash heap, and let's be done with this.

Shas'o Kais! We've done it! We've cut off Warlord Gorgutz from his headquarters!
The War Council's tactics have now cut off both the Eldar and the Orkz from expanding their territory. As long as our defenses can keep them contained, they're going to be toothless for the duration of this war.
We can kill them at our leisure.

If we wish, we can assault Warlord Gorgutz again. Might be able to take the Ariel Highlands this time--but if we do so, he'll be able to retreat to his stronghold and could potentially start expanding his territory. Might be wiser to leave him be, for now.

Instead, now might be a good time to take the Necron down a peg. The Western Barrens have two enemy bases, but your Honour Guard now includes two Fire Warrior Bodyguard teams. Between them and your Veteran Stealthsuits, you might be able to make a fast strike and eliminate at least one base before the two of them have the opportunity to overwhelm you.
It sounds like a risky maneuver, Shas'o. I don't like it.

The Hyperion Peaks are another opportunity, but it could prove to be a quagmire. The mountains are treacherous, making it nearly inaccessible. We could send in an army, but no resources to field a Cadre Command.
Wait, what does that mean?
Shas'o won't be able to reinforce his armies, but the Orkz will.
If you move quickly and strike decisively, you can cut off their means of production before they can overwhelm you! Then we would own the means to field forward command bases. Our attacks would be that much more likely to succeed! Just imagine the benefits, O'Kais.
Hmm. Maybe. I'd feel more confident if I had more Wargear going into the battlefield. What are our other options?

There are many, Shas'o. Defense, of course, and we can always move through our territory to strike elsewhere. If we were feeling confident, though, we could strike at the Green Coast. It's Gorgutz's Stronghold, but if we eliminate it, we'd stop his Waaagh! in it's tracks.
As always, the decision is left to the War Council.