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Part 17: Day 16, Thur'Abis Catacombs, Attack (Part 3)

bunnyofdoom posted:

Main force hit the slag, strike force hit the relic, if for no other reason than to deny it to the Necrons.

Lynneth posted:

What this man said is good.

Dr. Snark posted:

This is a good plan, because we're going to need that relic in short order.

I'll take the Strike Force to the Relic. We'll have it in short order. Aun'el will take the Main Force to the northern signal and the slag deposit/

The Necron have a lot of Gauss Turrets in the area.

First Tomb Spyder spotted--and it's already dismantled.
I've come to terms with my disappointment.

There's a lot of defenses around that Relic.

They've ringed the area with Gauss Turrets. Take them down fast, they're wreaking havoc on the Stealthsuits and Stingwings!

Huh, the Necron actually put up a bit of a fight this time. We've eliminated their defenses, though.

The Relic is secure. We lost our Vespid Elders, though and our Crisis Suits have sustained moderate damage.
Aun'el, how fare you?

We appreciate your taking the Relic. A Greater Gnarloc has been dispatched for our cause.

Limited Necron defenses litter the area outside our Forward Post.

The energy source is coming from that ridge. It's en route to the slag deposit, so we may as well take this opportunity to neutralize it.

It's covered with Gauss Turrets! Bring in the Tau guns, the Kroot are being eaten up.

While the Hammerheads destroy the turrets, send the Gnarloc to the tower! Tear it down!

Darkness veils your eyes and dulls your senses. Before the Beacon of the Deceiver, we--

The tower is down!
Excellent work!
--are like deadly shadows, hidden from, uh, f-from--your, er, sight. Huh.
What, was the beacon supposed to do something? You can't hide from the Tau guns.

The slag deposit is ours. Kroot brethren, though the Necron cannot sustain us, you can honour your fallen allies by consuming them. Their memories shall live on through your own strength and deeds.
That's my cue to look away.

Crog, here, is surprisingly delicious. Shame we have no seasoning.
Crog would have wanted it that way.
What's your status, Shas'o?

Pariahs and Wraiths have been attacking constantly. We've kept them at bay so far, but our Crisis Suits are at critical health.
I'll send down a pair of Earth Caste Drones for support.

Heads up, the Forward Base is under attack. Some Attack Scarabs slipped past the Main Force and have overwhelmed our defenses.
Hmm, I'll send back some support as well.

Gonna have to rebuild that.

We have returned. We'll keep an eye on things here while you go on ahead.

Understood. War Council, with my army divided, this is what remains of the Main Force (including two full Fire Warriors squads that are just off-screen to the right).

Strike Force is down our Vespid Elders, but are now well-entrenched by the Relic. We can rebuild fresh Crisis Suits with ease.
Shas'o, Aun'el, I have an updated map for the War Council:

Yellow indicates our tunnel access. As you can see, we have quite a bit of mobility in the north-eastern sector of the catacombs. Red indicates the paths our Forces have already taken. Blue indicates our current options. As you can see, the Main Force has no where left to go but to the Relic where it can join up with Shas'o and the Strike Force. From there, we have multiple options. We can move towards either of the two remaining Necron energy sources. If you wish to do this, it might be most time-efficient to keep the Main Force and Strike Force separated. Or, we could take a stab at the heart of the Necron catacombs, dropping off the bomb, and evacuating Aun'el and Shas'o. The green indicates possible assaults on the Necron inner sanctum. The Strike Force, armed with jetpacks, can take the quickest route in, drop off the bomb, and leave before the Necron Lord can do much about it. The Main Force would have to take the long way around, opening itself up to attack from the Necron's inner-most defenses.
Where does the War Council want the Elite?