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WarHammer 40,000: Dawn of War: Dark Crusade

by Blind Sally

Part 18: Day 16, Thur'Abis Catacombs, Attack (Victory)

Mzbundifund posted:

Exploiting the legendary Necron battle stroll sounds good. Defend the relic chokepoint with the main force, and send the mobile strike force to deliver the bomb and escape in record time.

linall posted:

Boooooooring. Split the main force. Leave half at the relic, bring half with you to the final major junction before the deepest part of the catacombs. Strike team goes in, drops the bomb and immediately begins falling back. The closer half of the main force stops any Necron close enough enough to attempt to intercept the strike force as it leaves. Withdraw in tandem to the relic, which is being held by the rest of the main force. Then fall back together to the entrance. Minimum of effort, yet in theory everyone still makes it out alive.

Bahumat posted:

In the spirit of giving you what you ask for GO FOR THE GOAL with the elite, hold the relic with the main forces.

Yes! Good! This is the greatest plan! Aun'el, take an escort and fall back to the entrance. The Main Force will cover our escape, half at the Relic and half at the inner sanctum junction, while the Strike Force goes in with the bomb.
Alright, good luck!

Ashsaber posted:

Thus a large part of me wants to see Sally completely chump this game.

You want to see these Necrons get chumped? Watch this.

Hmm, Necron resistance is starting to pick up. Strike Force, disengage and fly past them. Let's finish this before Macabee has a chance to write more dour verse.

Of the Main Force, I'm taking with us the Gnarloc, the Hammerheads, and the Fire Warrior Bodyguards. The rest of the force, the Drones, Pathfinders, and standard Fire Warriors, will have enough support from the rail gun on the Relic's turret.

There's a Necron strategic point up ahead. Might as well take it from them, it's not like they can stop us.
We'll capture it.

We're at the junction. Minimal resistance so far.

The walls to the inner sanctum are high, but our jetpacks should be able to clear them. To think that we were all so afraid of the Necron.

Don't get cocky, and watch that archway. If the Necron have any last surprises for us, it'll come from there.

Whoa, I can't see anything?!
Taking serious damage!

Fascinating. They've finally been able to cobble together enough spare parts to get a Monolith fully operational.

Fall back, that fire power is immense!

These Necron are like classic car hobbyists. Sure, the Monoliths look cool and can actually do some pretty amazing things when properly maintained, but that maintenance comes at such a prohibitive cost that it's just not worth it. Especially not compared to modern technology.

We're holding its attention. Bring around the Gnarloc.

Quickly, please!

Have you even wanted to see a T-Rex eat a pyramid?

The Monolith has trained its guns on the Gnarloc.

That won't stop it.

I think the Gnarloc is winning. It looks like it's torn out the Monolith's power core.

Yeah, that did it. The Monolith is down.

Who's a good Gnarloc? Who's a good Gnarloc? You are! Yes, you are!

Alright, that was a fun distraction, but it's time to go. Be ready, my Fire Warriors, as we have no idea what we will face behind this wall. This is the uttermost centre of the Necron infestation. For all we know, we'll find the most horrific and deadly things imaginable--and unimaginable. We must tread softy, and keep all weapons at the ready.

We are with you, Shas'o!

We don't call ourselves "The Elite" for nothing!

Empty?!?! It's fucking empty! Are you serious?

Well, uh, there was, like, a Plasma Core in that one corner--
No, no, it's fine. I've come to terms with this Stronghold being a series of disappointments.

Wait, there's something up there--could it be?

The Necron Lord is summoning the power of the C'Tan! Be ready, Fire Warriors, this could be trouble!

Ethereals save us, it's horrifying!

And it's--going the wrong way?

It's leaving, Shas'o. I don't think it can see us.

Hey, where are you going!!

Bwahahahahaaa! This is sad. This is pathetic. THESE are the Necron? Give me a break.

Okay, let's be done with this. O'Kais to all teams. The charge has been set and the countdown has begun. Secure an escape route and prepare to withdraw!
Our bond is strong. We will not fail!

What, is this your security system? Tt.

Shas'o, the remaining energy sources have doubled in strength. Be careful!

Fools. You will never leave these catacombs. Our technologies are fully active again and your deaths are now certain.
By the Ethereals, do you rehearse these, Macabee?

All machines serve the C'tan in the end. Bring your vehicles before the Beacon of the Void Dragon and watch as they turn against you. Time itself bends to the will of the C'tan, fools. Come before the Chronometron Beacon and be frozen into the stillness of death.

Does anyone know what he's talking about?

The Necron can take control of our vehicles. No cause for alarm, as they can only control one at a time. We had to dismantle one of our Hammerheads. We'll keep the Gnarloc with the other one, in case we have to do it again. Oh, and they can also temporarily freeze a single squad. Again, only one at a time and it's temporary. So, uh, yeah, don't worry about the Necron. They're still toothless elderly robots.

Good to know, although they finally seem to be sending out an attack force worthy of our time and effort.

Hmm, had to put down our other Hammerhead. Oh well, we don't have any "proper" vehicles in the field anymore. The Gnarloc is immune to the effects of the Void Dragon Beacon, and for whatever reason, it isn't targeting our Drone Squads.

I'm going to jetpack on ahead, make sure you keep pace.

Halfway there--

Uh, guys? Can you please make sure that your evacuation buddy is who they say they are? Don't believe any Necron that says they've had a "change of heart" regarding the Greater Good.

The clock is ticking. Are they near?

Shas'o and the others are approaching, Aun'el.

Ah, Shas'o, there you are. Shall we retreat to the minimum safe distance?

Hey Macabee, good riddance to bad rubbish!


Bring them back, my Lord. The living are escaping!


My Lord, the living have--

But I never got to publish my collection of sestinaaaaaaaas---


In the aftermath, one of our Kroot found the Necron Lord's head. I guess I'll just keep that in my trophy case.

A job well done, O'Kais. We still have one more move thanks to our Fury Bonus. Shall we reposition to attack another Stronghold next turn, or would you rather strike at one the remaining territories?
We could just hold our turn and bank some requisition. We can't yet afford to retrain your Vespid Elders or your Alpha Kroot Pack.