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by Blind Sally

Part 20: Day 18, Tyrea, Attack (Part 2)

Slaan posted:

Kill the Orkz, then Chaos. So the poor kroot have something to eat, so they are nice and full before going up against the inedible Chaos marines and the very small-portioned Eldar.

Chaeden posted:

Kauyon also RELEASE THE SQUIGGOTHS(Attack the orks)

Cythereal posted:

Kill the Orks.

It will be so. We assault the Orkz using the path of Kauyon.

Sending Harbinger Drones to probe the outer perimeter of the Ork territory.

Some light Ork resistance guards a slag deposit. There are some leftover Eldar Webway Gates trying to port in turrets, but we'll stop them.


The Orkz are coming out in force. We'll push them back to their outer strategic point.

Commencing Harbinger Drone Swarm.

Shas'o, are you able to return to base? The Eldar's attacks are ramping up.
I'm on my way to let the Squiggoths out of their pen. Focus on getting that Kauyon post up and get Kroot Hounds and Krootox defending the base as soon as possible. Until then, train up a Stealthsuit team. Use their EMP grenades to keep the Wraithlords back. If they keep bunching up, you can disable the whole lot of them at once.

I have arrived on the battlefield, Shas'o. My Fire Warrior Bodyguards shall help keep them at bay while we learn the path of Kauyon. I shall direct Air Caste strikes in the meantime.
Coordinates are locked.

Fall back, but make sure they do not destroy the Cadre HQ!

Kroot Hounds are ready, Aun'el. They shall tear them apart.

Hope we aren't needed back at base. Harbinger teams have cleared the way up to the Orkz' front doorstep.

Raaaaagh! No puny grey-skin is gonna dethrone me! I iz da greatest Warboss, not Gorgutz! I am Da Hugemungus! Me Choppa-boy Berzerkers and Shoota Crazies'll tear youse all ta pieces. Youse ain't walkin' away from dis one. Dere won't be no end to da bloodshed. I'ze gonna take yer slag deposit and use it fer me Weird Boyz to build da biggest tank army Kronus 'as ever seen.

Uh huh, redirecting Drones.
Wot's dis? Yer a bunch o'soddin' ninnies, you are! Is you really attackin' me wit puny robots? Ye can't evern be bothered ta foight me yerselves? S'not roight.

We are beginning to gain the advantage at base. We will start reconstruction of our defenses.

Shapers lead each Hound pack, and Krootox will be a great boon for our forces.

That's great news. I'm nearly at the Squiggoth's pen. The Eldar have left Webway Gates about the landscape and are using them to port in turrets. I've been able to destroy most, but I can't get them all--


Western front reporting in. We are doing fine without you, Shas'o. The Chaos attackers continue to be paltry, and not even flanking maneuvers from the Eldar can dislodge us.

Excellent. I'm nearly done, anyways. A minefield litters the path to the Squiggoth pen. If we can, for a moment, let us pause and appreciate the elegant simplicity of the Orkz.

There mines are literally just sticks of dynamite taped to cans of gasoline. They've stuck clocks on them as well, which seems to be more for effect, since they are triggered by proximity. Astounding.

Right, I'll just jetpack in, open the gate--

--and leave!

Feeding coordinates to the Drones. New order: ignore Squiggoth, continue assaulting the Orkz.

Haha, Boss, dis'll be a roight propa Waaagh!! 'ere, eh?
Oi, yeah, it'll be a good'un roight up until we'ze all gets chomped up! Yer git, kill der Squiggoth! Don't let'erm destroy da Mek Factoriez!

News, Shas'o, our base is secure. The Eldar continue to send probing attacks, but are now beaten back handily.
Combat is its own reward. It provides a free meal, after all.

No, NO! Chop'em up!! Chop'em up!!!!

One of the Squiggoths is down. The second one wont last much longer.
They've served their purpose. Bring the Fire Warrior teams forward!

Bloody Eldar tricked me--

Heh heh, we'ze got'im, Boss!

Er, Boss?
Da Boss is dead! Let'z get outta here! Maybe Gorgutz'll let us foight with'im again.

Ah, we had thought the Omega and Gamma teams to be lost, but they live and are ready to fight for the Greater Good!
A Hammerhead Gunship on the path of Kauyon, who'd've thought it? I am ready to serve, Shas' o.

Excellent work. We need new plans, War Council. Here is our eastern front--the Ork forces have been decimated. I lead a team of three Fire Warrior squads, Pathfinders, two Harbingers, some Vespid Elders, and a Hammerhead Gunship.

Amongst our spoils, we took control of two more slag deposits. We can use Harbinger Drone Swarms to our heart's content.

The western front remains stable. My Honour Guard are having no trouble keeping the Chaos Schism Cult at bay.

Aun'el now leads a sizeable Kroot contingent. Three Shapers lead the Kroot Hounds and the Alpha pack. Krootox are available, as are Vespid Elders, and Aun'el's own Fire Warrior Bodyguards. There are also Drone Squads that can be called upon at our second Cadre HQ.

Once again we find our forces divided into two, more or less, neat armies. Aun'el again leads the Main Force, and Shas'o leads the Strike Force. If we wish, we can attack the Chaos Schism Cult. The Main Force is nearest, but frankly, we now control this area of the map and can have either or both destroy Chaos. We could also take the Relic, which would allow us to bring Gregory into combat. Again, either or both of the Strike and Main Force could accomplish this objective. This would also commence our proper attack on the Eldar base. We also have the option of sending the Strike Force along to take the eastern Eldar Webway Gate. This leaves them far from the support of the Main Force, though, and may be less desirable. So, what will it be?