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Part 22: Day 19, The Vandean Coast, Attack (Victory)

Cythereal posted:

Take the Vandean Coast. It's very very handy, especially now that strongholds should start ramping up.

Black Balloon posted:


Go for the Vandean Coast now.

Emissary666 posted:

Vandean Coast
More requisition per turn means less time spent not spreading the Greater Good. It is a shame that Taldeer has either fled or perished, I loved all of her conversations with O'Kais.

The War Council was nearly indecisive on this one, Shas'o, but the slight majority preferred to take the Vandean Coast.
Yeah, sure. I'm up against Thule, right? Should be easy.

Alright, so I'm not pointing any fingers, but something strange happened between now and the last mission. Despite ALL of my Honour Guard surviving to the very end, they've now all disappeared except for the Vespid Stingwing Elders. I have ZERO REQUISITION since the majority of the War Council seems to be against holding for a turn to reinforce, so I can't re-summon any of them at this point. Let's hope Thule isn't clever enough to take advantage of this.

Goodness, this seems easy enough. Generate x amount of power within x amount of time? Not even a challenge. I'm gonna go blow up one of Thule's bases, you guys watch over things.
If you say so.

No detecting equipment. Thule, you disappoint me.

Come on, it's just me out here! Don't any of you Space Marines know how to fight?

If you all want to die for your Emperor so badly, I guess I can help speed that along.

O'Kais, we need some support. They're sending in Marines faster than we can hold them off.
We lack upgrades. We have no Veterans to lead us. Our weapons cannot kill the Space Marines fast enough!

Shas'o, they're not smart enough to use detection, but they've overwhelmed the Vespid Elders! They're making for our base!
Damnit, if Thule actually wins this, I will be so very disappointed with myself.

I'm here, I'm here! Where's the fire? Why, it's a just a couple of Space and Scout Marines? Thule has two fully functioning bases, I'm surprised he isn't sending in something a little more substantial. Ha, he could've beaten us if he had.

Looks like I'm playing this one defensively. Take that strategic point just outside the base. We'll hold it and prevent any other Space Marines from getting close. Don't worry too much about building up defenses, Earth Caste, focus on creating a power grid.

Oh for--Shas'o, Thule has lead another group of Space Marines up. They just ran past us and right for the base!
Wha--really?! I mean, I know they can't see us, but surely they can see that their men are getting shot and dying? Doesn't Thule have ANY detection equipment?
Early recon shows that, yes, he has Skull Probes, but he left them all at his base.
Incredible. This man's lack of intelligence knows no bounds!

Frig off, Shas'o, ya friggin' a-hole!
Hahaha, Thule, you're adorable!
Insolent scum, I didn't say that!
Are you trying to knock down the Cadre Headquarters with a sword? That's it?
Clearly you know nothing of the Emperor's wrath or you would not be so--
I mean, you don't know, O'Kais, it could work!

The Space Marines are dying, O'Kais.

Thule, go home.

I will NOT!
Yeah, frig off, xeno!
Frig off!
Is that you--
Where did you even--
--Mr Lahey?
--get that ridiuclous--
Frig-- Frig-- Frig-- Frig--
--sounding recording?!
--Frig off!

Ooops! Sorry, Thule, I meant to miss, I swear. It honestly would have been funnier for you to survive to see yourself fail. Ah, well. Poor guy. I wonder how the Space Marines will get along without him.

Base is secure, O'Kais.


Honestly, we're just gonna stand here for the rest of the map. These are the two strategic points directly outside of our base. The Space Marines don't seem to want to field any vehicles or heavy infantry or detectors, so we honestly don't have much to fear.

Like shooting fish in a barrel.

I really feel sorry for the Space Marines, to be honest.

Oh yeah, that there in the lake is the manufactorum, I believe. This thing'll help speed up industrial production once we get it running again. (Talk about electrical shock hazard, though).

As with all human things, they obsessively decorate them with skulls.

That's it, let's go back to base.

Masterfully done, O'Kais. War Council, where shall we go next?
I should point out to the War Council that O'Kais now has no Honour Guard and no requisition to rebuilt it.