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WarHammer 40,000: Dawn of War: Dark Crusade

by Blind Sally

Part 23: Days 19 & 20, The Vandean Coast, The Pavonian Heartland

Cythereal posted:

Hold position until you can replace the honor guard.

Wiser Guy posted:

Stand by and wait for reinforcements.

Sindai posted:

Dudes are good. Rebuild all dudes.

I can do that.

Lukas Alexander is attempting to break out of Victory Bay again.

He tried rushing out defenses on his own, with just a few Guardsmen backing him. He didn't get far.

Minor annoyance: Guardsman uncaptured a number of our strategic points in the north.

Both bases fell shortly thereafter, though. We retain the Pavonian Heartland.

Thule is on the move.

He took the Orestan Plains from the Imperial Guards. He may make a play for either the Vandean Coast or the Pavonis Spaceport.

Chaos is attacking the Orkz again.

Gorgutz let'em have it.

My Honour Guard is not complete, so I'll wait another turn.

All quiet today. Nothing to report.

I have a complete Honour Guard with requisition left over. We could keep it to spend on Forward Bases or reinforce our existing defenses.

Alright, War Council, what's the next move?