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Part 28: Day 22, The Murad Swamplands, Attack (Victory)

Slaan posted:

Lets go show our Spiky bros the terrible fanfiction we made fun of. I'm sure they'll also get a kick out of it!

Night10194 posted:

They like to talk about how their boring blood god doesn't care from whence it comes.

Make them walk that walk.

hard counter posted:

Skulls for the skull throne severed head collection (?? ?)

furiously take out chaos

This should be interesting. This will be the first time we've confronted this particular Gue'la army--not counting the Schismatic Cultists that Taldeer sent at us. Before we get to the Peninsula, we need to make a stopover--

We're gonna take out the Chaos Forces right out from under the Orkz and the Imperial Guard.

Quite beautiful, these swamp lands. Alright, troop, move out. Secure capture points and move onto the Chaos outpost. Their defenses are weak so we'll be able to overwhelm them with just our Honour Guard.
Of course, Shas'o.

Hey, what's that over there?
Over where-- *dies*

This is really easy, O'Kais.

For Chaos! For-- *dies*

Mmm, yeah, this is a pretty sad outpost.

Shaper Harbyx has been liberated and is ready to fight again at the Tau's side! It seems that that entire outpost was designed specifically as a prison for Shaper Harbyx. He's so badass that they needed an entire province to hold him. I--I'm gushing a bit, but it's just a real honour to fight at his side!

Well, that was really quite pathetic. I guess we'll just put Chaos out of their misery in the next turn. No need to do anything, War Council. Take five. Enjoy yourselves. Pat yourselves on the back for a job well done so far. Yeah.
Call for you, O'Kais.
Who is it?
Patching you in.
Oh, come on! Hello?
Ahh, the great Shas'o Kais. I wondered when the famous Fire Warrior would make time to visit the doorsteps of Chaos.
Hello? Who's there?
I am Eliphas. The Inheritor. I was here long before your race colonized this planet, alien. I stood here during the Horus Heresy, so long ago, and I have returned to reclaim this planet for the Warp.
H-hello? Is there someone on the other end?
What's wrong, Shas'o?
There's no one on the other end.
"No one"?! A-are you mocking me?
Well, that's weird.
Who did they say they were?
Oh, I didn't talk to anyone, O'Kais.
Hey. Hey! Can you hear me??
You mean you didn't screen the call?
No, O'Kais, it's your phone, I figured it would be impolite to answer it.
H-hello?! I'm still here! Can you here me?
I just patch it through to you when I hear it ringing.
Okay, well in the future, answer the phone. That's an order.
This is so embarrassing--
Sure, O'Kais.
Pretty sure it's a pocket-dial, or a prank, or something. A broken telemarketing scam?
I, I am not a telemarketing scam!
Yeah, sure, O'Kais.
I mean, it's not cheap, you know. Kronus telecommunication rates are a real killer.
You should--
Don't hang up! I, I command you! You will regret it if you hang up! Hello?
The phone, O'Kais, you're still connected.
Oh right, thanks.
Heh heh heh, what a rube. What a maroon.
Of course I heard him! Eliphas is even easier to punk on than Thule.