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by Blind Sally

Part 34: Day 31, The Morriah Coast, The Western Barrens

Lord Cyrahzax posted:

Hit the Ork Army.

Nobody's taking Victory Bay but us.

NewMars posted:

Now, I don't know much boss, but it lookz like dem Orkz is always good fer' fightin'!

This vote paid for by the Kronos Orkz council fer mer fightin' and less muckin' about.

AJ_Impy posted:


ShootaBoy posted:

Orkz orkz orkz orkz, orkz orkz.

Yeah, let's do it. Let's hit the Orkz. It's been a while since we've knocked them around. Need to remind them of the Tau gun's supremacy.

We need to move fast. This is a large map, and we spent all our requisition preparing for that fight with the Imperial Guard. We're going in with nothing but our Honour Guard.

Shas'o, they're already here!
What the fuck?

Shas'o, there's a lot of them...

It means more targets! Keep shooting! We Tau do not lose! We are that good!
Uh, sure thing, Shas'o.

This should be routine. I'm gonna take my Fire Warrior Bodyguards and go eliminate their HQ. Watch the base and build up our defenses.

Ha, look at me go! Nothing could ever go wrong. I've pretty much perfected this "war" thing. Isn't that right?

I said, "isn't that right?" Hello? Stealthsuits?

What the fuck??

Nonsense, we're going to wipe out the Ork base with plenty of time to spare. Just keep training Fire Warriors and repairing the HQ.

Heh heh, it's never a good thing ter underestimate an Ork. We'ze gonna chop up yer little probe droids'n use'em as dinner plates.
I didn't know Orkz bothered with cutlery.
If it annoyz youze grey-skinz, we'll make an exception!

Laugh while you can, Ork, I'm about to knock on your front door!
Ah, go ahead. Me boyz'll make short work of yer.

Arrogant fool. Uh, that's a lot of Orkz.

Uh, we really aren't doing too well. How are those reinforcements looking, HQ?

Uh, yeah, dis iz HQ. I swearz we'll git'em yer way soon. Jess hold on. Heh.

Well, fuck.

Damnit! How could this happen? We're Tau, damnit!

Shas'o, the Imperial Guard are making a counter attack on our position.
Ugh, alright. Let's make sure we win this. I don't think my ego can take two consecutive losses.

Be aware, Shas'o: the Orkz decimated your Honour Guard. The only reinforcements you have are the local guards. That includes a single Broadside suit and a few additional Earth Caste Drones.

Seriously, Shas'o, I'm with you. Let's knock down some Gue'la buildings.

Even without my Honour Guard, we're making short work of Governor Alexander's militia.

Fire Warriors trained and ready! Joining you on the battlefield...
Good! The northern base is weakening. Help us deliver the killing blow.

To the western base!

(Man, I still can't believe those bloody Orkz beat us back).

Overwhelming firepower, Shas'o. The Gue'la are dead!

The buffer state between our capital and the Imperial Guard is preserved, Shas'o. Excellent work. However, you have made no progress in stopping the Orkz' advance on Victory Bay. For the moment, though, it seems our attack has made them reconsider their movement. They spent the last day holding position and stockpiling requisition.

Yeah, that was embarrassing.
If you choose to, Shas'o, we can strike at the Orkz again. With requisition, we'll be able to field a forward base or forward army.
Careful, though, as we don't have enough requisition to field either at full capacity. Furthermore, Shas'o lacks an Honour Guard and the War Council may wish to spend our resources on that.
Uh, suggestion, Shas'o--one of our War Council suggested this last turn:

Emissary666 posted:

Hit the Imperial Guard Base

We should not debase ourselves as to indulge the Orkz in their desire for combat. Instead, prove Tau superiority by stealing their chance at a big battle with the IG from right under their noses.

What about it?
Well, it's a new round and we have all the necessary resources. Don't forge, we get two movements per round, now. If we choose, we can hit Victory Bay from the west.
Up to the War Council. Shall we keep throwing ourselves at the Orkz or try a different tactic?