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WarHammer 40,000: Dawn of War: Dark Crusade

by Blind Sally

Part 37: Day 33, The Green Coast, Attack (Part 1)

We're in position, Shas'o. Gorgutz is too far away to bring in his Honour Guard.
Excellent. We begin the attack immediately!

Shas'o, you have a call coming through the intercom.
Can it wa--hold up, you aren't that one Pathfinder that is always handing me the intercom. Where are they?
I don't know where they are, but they're the one calling.
Huh, that's strange. Here. Hello?

Uh, hello, O'Kais.
What's going on?
Uh, well, I'm here with His Most Excellent Warlord Gorgutz, and, uh, he, uh, he wants to talk to you.

Oi, Grey Skin! Ya think ya can sneak yer spyz about wiffout me boyz seein' 'em?

Ya think ya can come for me 'ead?!
Aaaahhh-- *crunch*

Well youze got anuther thing comin'! Yer can come'n collect yer lil Grey Skin spy man. E's in a coupla pieces, though, so bring a baggie. Hahahaha!
Why you-- *click*
Oops! I hung up on 'im, heh heh.

Orkses is never beaten in battle.
Shut it, ya grot! The rest of 'em are comin' and we's got to be ready. Them filthy Grey Skins used their ships to get here ahead of me Elite Boyz, so we's in fer a fight. Tell the rest of the boyz there's some killin' to do!

I made them Big Bannaz to remind the clans dat they better keep dere boyz in line. I don't want no squig-head lookin' to fight when the enemy's right here.

Gorgutz is da Warboss, got it ya muck-suckers?

Dis here voicey-box lets 'im talk to ya, so open yer earz!

Lissen up ya grots'n squigs!

D'eyz comin' fer us like we some kind o'humie gits. But we ain't. We'z da Orkz and dis here is gonna be one great fight!

So gets yer choppas and yer shootas ready boyz, cuz dere's some killin' to do!

Headcrushaz, you ready?

Footstompas, yer Squiggoths n' such ready?


Burnaboyz, you wanna fight?

Rokkitrangaz, you in it or what?


An what about youz Kwikmeks? You gonna let dese other runts get all the good fightin' done?

Dat's right! We gonna crush 'em all. Dis here is a right and proper Waaagh!

You okay, Shas'o? You've been awfully quiet since that phone call.
I've just had a big emotional moment, okay? That lovable scamp has been fridged by Gorgutz (). It isn't fair! (And the stakes have been lazily raised). Honour Guard, prepare yourselves. The Orkz are already aware of our presence and have been mobilizing.

Here they come!

There's too many of them!
We are being overwhel--

Use your jetpacks! Get behind their vehicles and disable them!

We did it! That worked! We lost one of our Fire Warrior Bodyguard teams and our Vespid Elders, though.
Start preparing our defenses and establishing our base. Begin training new units.

Oh man, do it fast! There's more coming our way!
Heh heh heh, whatzza matter, Grey Skins? Ya missed us?

There's so many of them--

Hold the base, we're going to start capturing strategic points.

No one here. This should be easy.
Oi, Headcrushaz! Watch it, deyz comin' fer ya!

Shas'o, do you almost have that strategic point? We could use a hand.

Several hands. Heck any help at all. Preferable the rail cannon or EMP grenade variety.

We're a little busy!
We've lost a Stealthsuit team!

B-broadside down--


Hold on, Shas'o! We've secured the southern strategic point. We are now moving towards you!
Oi, youze ain't goin no wherez without a fight!

Fire Warrior team, keep moving forward. I've had to return to our HQ. (Lousy Orkz).
Heh heh, knock it all down, boyz!

Assemble new Earth Caste Drones, get our defenses back online!

The Kroot are here. We will keep them at bay while you rebuild.
Right. We're going to need some bigger guns. Earth Caste, prepare the Path of Mont'ka. I want Hammerhead guns here immediately!

The way is clear, O'Kais. Now the Kroot must eat.
Do it quickly, more Orkz are on the way!

The Kroot Auxiliaries have joined us. The Orkz don't stand a chance now!

I brought some friends, too. Push them back!
Tau guns are online.

Beyond that gate is the Headcrusha Clan. If we destroy the big banner set up by Gorgutz, it may shake their faith in him and create a riot.
We should do all we can to disrupt the Orkz attacks.

There are two other routes, though. Each provides different opportunities.

Our forces are fully armed and armoured. Shaper, please advice the War Council.
Going north will bring us into conflict with the Headcrushaz. Recon reports that a more heavily armed clan is beyond them--it could be the Kwikmeks or the Rokkitrangaz. Going straight down the middle will lead us first to a holy place for the Orkz. They'll fight to keep it, but it could net us a Relic and thus get us Gregory on the battlefield. It'll leave us vulnerable on either flank, though, and will bring us in direct conflict with the Footstampas Clan, dangerous because they have a Squiggoth with them. Going south will lead us into conflict with another clan. Recon theorizes that it's the Burnaboyz. We've had difficulty getting clear reports because the Orkz keep killing our Pathfinders.
You've heard him, War Council, make a decision.