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by Blind Sally

Part 41: Day 53, Or'es Tash'n, Defense (Part 1)

W.T. Fits posted:

Well, all's well that ends-

... well?

Whatsit? You'ze worried 'bout cher Greyskin buddy? Heh heh, don't be such a snotling.

NewMars posted:

Looks like he's going to learn why you don't mess with the Orks!

Yeh, dis boyz' got it roight.

habituallyred posted:

Bomb squig handling procedures:
1: Don't

Roight you is. Smart advice. You a mekboy?

my dad posted:

Orks is fun.

Prepare for carpet squigging.

Dem Flyboyz'o mine can't keep dere planes in da air long enough to do dat. We'ze gonna have ta go in on foot, see?

Oh! Hold on, it'z startin'.

Heh heh, dat Greyskin, O'Kais, won't know what hit'im.

O'Kais, are our troops ready?

H-huh? What?
I said, "Are our troops ready?"
What? Oh, yeah, sure, sure, whatever. They're ready.

The Earth Caste is completing construction of the Mont'ka Command Post.
The, uh, Earth Caste is complete construction of the, uh--
The Mont'ka Command Post.
--The Mont'ka Command Place.
Our armoured units are ready to--
They, have, uh, the units have to--
--strike the killing blow.
--strike the killing blow.

O'Kais, I'm really not comfortable wearing your Crisis Suit. When are you coming back? Where are you?
S'fine, s'fine. Don't worry about it. Soon, soon.

And our Kroot allies?
Oh for fu--
Excuse me?
Sorry, I'm just, uh, busy. Busy working with our Kroot allies. Uh, Shaper, please, uh, please elaborate for me.

*sigh* Also ready, Aun'el. The Kauyon Command Post in the Kroot Quarter is prepared. My Shapers have readied he finest warriors to fight for the Tau.

Stealth teams are taking positions across the city, ready to strike where the enemy is weak.

Strike teams of Fire Warriors and Kroot packs will defend the streets and meet the enemy head on.
Yeah, what he said.

Excellent, Commander. I know that as long as you are in charge of the city's defenses, no ill will come our way.
Yeah, don't worry about it. I got it covered.

Patch me through to the troops, please.

Soldiers of the Fire Caste! Kroot and Vespid allies! Today, we stand as a bulwark against the selfish, the soulless, and the mad! Today, we drive back our enemies from our city and from our world! Today, more than ever before, we fight for the Greater Good! And we will triumph!

Nice speech. Long'n borin'. 'xactly what a speech should be, I suppose. It's too bad yer O'Kais is indisposed of. Heh.

So what now, Boss?
With O'Kais out'o da picture, we kill'is Greyskin Boss.
Sounds like a good time, heh heh heh.

Oi, Boss, dey're attackin'!
You are an affront to the Greater Good, Ork!
You callin' me names, Greyskin? Me boyz are gonna hafta teach ya some mannerz.
Typical. O'Kais, eliminate this pest.


Huh, what? Oh, yeah, sure, whatever. I'll take care of it. Yo, uh, Fire Warriors. Do your thing and stuff.

Dey don't seem as hard as dey used to, boss.
They aren't organized. Without dere leader, dere a bunch o'useless gits.

Chop'em up, Boyz!

Oh Ethereals, they're killing us! Where's O'Kais? He'd know what to do!

Command posts, report.
Mont'ka Command Post online, Aun'el. Crisis Suits ready for combat.
The Kauyon Post is safe in the Kroot Quarter. We will defend it, commander.
Excellent. Send strike teams at the enemy, but protect your positions!

They'ze got dere especial bases set up on either direction, Boss.


Well, judgin' from da fight dey're puttin' up right now, it won't matter which way we attack first.

Heh heh, lookit this, Boss! No hands!

Alright, listen up, Ork Council--dat's right Ork Council. I can be democratic, just like dat Greyskin, O'Kais. I'm gonna let you all make da decision. Do we go left and blow up dere wannabe Mek Boyz, do we go right and blow up dere (admittedly, pretty good at fightin') Kroot Boyz, or do we sez "zog it all!" and rush right up da middle to dere HQ?