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Part 23: Mission 9: Bringing Out the Light

Episode 9: The Battle At Darrowmere or Bringing out the Light

: Too early. Too cold.

: Gaz, this is important...

: At three in the morning? Can't war wait until the sun rises?

: These are important orders, Gaz. They require a small group. One who could perform this deed under cover of night.

: An' we just' happened ta be in the area, aye?

: Oh, Ruku... I, uh, didn't mean to wake you.

: Hm? I wasn't sleepin', Cap'n. Prime drinkin' hour. So what's this big job, 'ere?

: Oh, uh, of course...

: THE Uther Lightbringer has asked for an escort to Caer Darrow. He hopes to lend aid to those suffering from the recent attacks.

: The Lightbringer? Well, if I knew that celebrities were involved...

: Who's this guy? Should I know 'im?

: Isn't this Alterac territory? Can't they do it?

: After what happened at Tyr's Hand, the council is a little leery of giving them such a high profile job like this. Speaking of untrustworthy...

This is actually one of the easiest missions in the game if you want to race through the level. The whole goal is to get Uther from the top left corner of the map to the bottom right. In your way are several naval blockades. Of course, ships tend to fire very slowly and against a moving target they're just about worthless, so one could load up a bunch of ships and distract the enemy while you rush Uther over to Caer Darrow. But that's no fun.

Also to note that this is the human's first hero in the game. Uther is... lackluster. He has all the same stats as a regular knight, no spells, but for some reason he has a Magic bar. I suppose he was still working on perfecting that heal spell.

: Ruku, could you do something for us? Could you do a quick scouting report to see what we're up against?

: What? You're letting him take the flying machine and... and... scout?

: Look, Gaz. This is a hugely important mission here; not just for the war, but for our reputations as well. If anything goes wrong, like a dwarf armed to the teeth with explosives, we'll never be able to return to Lordaeron again.

: Much less Azeroth. I see your point. But couldn't he get in trouble out there?

: With a flying machine? What could he possibly do?


: Ho, ho! Looks like th' orcs are guardin' their lil' prize. Well, gotta clear a path fer th' Lightswinger.

: Yeh, tha's right! Up here ya stupid gits!

Ah, the magic of upward firing ships. You see, destroyers can attack air units, but still cause splash damage. When they fire at the flying machine, they also damage their own units below. Meanwhile, you can maneuver the flying unit out of harms way and... voila!

: Bwahahahaha!

Back at base...

: Did you hear... an explosion?

: ...Well, there goes our plan to sneak by under the cover of night. Come on, Gaz, let's take the fleet out and start punching a hole through these orcish lines.


: Hmph, so the orcs think they're sittin' pretty, eh? Looks like a good place ta hit. Jus' gotta borrow a few things...

: Aye! Tha's more like it!

: Heh! I'll have th' Rightbringer out of this mess before th' Cap'n can even finish 'is breakfast.

: 'Oi! Ye want some, too?

: S'what I thought.

Back with Varin's navy...

: Just keep your eyes open for any sign of Ruku.

: Does that count?

: Just great...

: Troll bodies. Starting to think we're getting close here.

: Ruku!

: Oh, 'ello there, Cap'n!

: What are you doing!?

: Uhh... rescuin' th' Lightsinger?

: B-but...

: Varin, don't you think it's best to just let Ruku be... Ruku?

: Ugh. Fine. Fine. Ruku you're allowed on this mission, but you're following my orders. If I hear any deviations, then consider your pay docked!

: What? I wasn't allowed ta help before?

: Speaking of orders; Ravigaz, I have a little job for you.

: ...Whenever you use my full name, it means I've got a bad job ahead of me.

: Just scout out the straight to make sure it's safe for passage.

: What!? Why me?

: I've heard about your waterwalking and waterbreathing spells. Heck, you probably don't even need a boat.

: Waterwalking? Who told you that nonsense? I-

: Well ya better get going! Cap'n's orders an' all that!

: ...I hate that dwarf.

: Careful now. Easy...

: Ho, there! Seems that our escort has arrived!

: Alright, it's safe. Time to get out of this... canal of death.

: ...Where's he going?

: Aye! We got another blockade up here!

: We have the navy to take care of this one, Ruku. Come on, Gaz!

: Haven't even had time for breakfast and I already hate this day.

: ...Don't you think that was a little overboard?

: Do you know what kind of day I've had? I mean, if it wasn't for the Lightbringer, I wouldn't have even-

: Oh, RightBRINGER! I get it now.

: ...Just look for a path through this straight while we take out the defenses.

: Sure, sure. Humans get ta blow things up while th' dwarf looks at rocks.

: When ye said follow orders, I didn't think ya'd give me all th' borin' jobs.

: An' another thing, I- Oh, 'ello there. Cap'n! We've got some allies, 'ere!

: Allies?

: I'll jus' touch down an' make contact!

: Ach! What th' Nether! They're firin' on me!

: What's going on? Ruku!

: ...What was tha' all about?

: Alterac colors.

: Seems that those bastards really have turned against the Alliance. I swear, when I see that Lord Perenolde...

: Captain Varin. We have to get through these defenses first.

: I've already seen to that.

: And you accused me of going overboard?

: I. May. Be. A. Little. Angry.

: Now to deal with the traitors.

: They had a battleship!?

: That should have been the first sign that something was amiss. What use does a landlocked nation have for a battleship?

: Who even showed them how to build one?

: Aye, well... Tha' may have been me clan.

: What!? Why?

: What d'ye mean?

: Varin is still a little shocked. Allow me to rephrase that...


: Well, th' Firefist clan was sellin' their talents to anyone recently. I heard th' Alterac wanted this done with no questions asked. I'm sure enough coin went ta me clansmen's hands tha' it didn't matter.

: By the Light, I hate you.

: Enough. We'll talk about this later. Caer Darrow is right ahead. Let's go get Uther.

: Varin, why do we need so many transports?

: If we missed any orcs, the other transports can draw their fire as we get the Lightbringer to safety.

: Varin, why are your plans always awful?

: Alright, now be on your best behavior. I want to make a good impression here.

: Hail, lads! I am Uther Lightbringer of Azeroth. Are you to be my escort to Caer Darrow?

: Indeed, Sir Uther. I am Captain-

: Lord Ruku Firefist at yer service, Mister Rightfinger! We killed a whole lotta orcs ta get ya ta Caer Darrow!

: ...

: Varin? That feeling you have right now? I feel that all the time.

: Orcs, you say? Doubtless still trying to keep their influence in this area, even after their theft.

: Theft?

: Indeed. They've stolen one of the elven runestones that guard Quel'Thalas; doubtless to launch an attack at the elves directly.

: Another worry we must contend with then. It seems that there has been dissent among the ranks of the Alliance as well.

: I love his bootlicking voice.

: Dissent? Come, we shall speak of this at length within the confines of the town. Rest yourselves, for you have done the work of the Light this morning.

: Ugh, I still need breakfast. Ruku, do you ever feel like we're minor characters in a world of politics and war?

: Minor characters? Listen, Lord Magepants, I'm th' star o' this war, an' don't ye forget it.