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Part 39: Our Upstanding Neighbors to the North

Our Upstanding Neighbors to the North

Human Mission 10, Viddler, or Youtube

Human Mission 11, Viddler, or Youtube

Okay, so if you've been paying attention throughout the LP, you may have noticed that Alterac has kind of been... well, they're huge dicks. Nothing too crazy traitorous at the outset, maybe sending a few ships after Uther, starting a few riots in Tyr's hand, whatever. But then it comes to light that these guys have been screwing us over from the beginning!? Alright, let's figure this out, here.

"Hey, guys... that was just a... miscommunication. Weren't you the green ones?"

This is Aiden Perenolde. You may recall me mentioning him a few times. He's playing the role of Benedict Arnold/Judas/Brutus for this war. Seriously, any good war needs a traitor. Alterac, however, doesn't have any one defining moment of totally stabbing the Alliance in the back, but they do have quite a number of total dick moves. Let's see...

As if this wasn't bad enough, Blizzard took a look at this guy and decided to make him addicted to drugs as well. I'm not even kidding, check this out. Seriously, it's like saying, "Oh, yeah, he also tortured animals." They created that just for him to be addicted to. It's unnecessary, but it makes him extra evil.

Oh, but it gets even better. That whole "burn Alterac down" thing? Yeah, that wasn't officially sanctioned. It was apparently the act of a number of angry internal dissenters who had finally seen through Perenolde's scheme and raise an angry mob to murder, loot, and pillage. If anything, martial law was instated, but it was never the Alliance's intent to start another war while they were still fighting their first. Of course, I like to believe that Varin and his gang got "special orders" to expedite things.

Another Act done, by the way! Have some delicious cinematics to chew on!

Orc Cinematic, Viddler, or Youtube

Human Cinematic, Viddler, or Youtube