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Original Thread: Still better than Watch_Dogs. Let's Play Wheelman! [VLP]



Wheelman is a sandbox GTA-ish 2009 game featuring Vin Diesel and made by Tigon Studios, a company founded by Vin Diesel, which focuses on making games featuring primarily Vin Diesel. You play as Vin Diesel who pretends to be Milo from Miami and you blow up cars by using your car as a melee weapon. Everything explodes. It's pretty cool.

I'm joined by Geisha Deconstruct, the same person who helped me cover El Shaddai previously.

Does this game feature Vin Diesel?


What can I expect from this LP?

The first six episodes are recorded, but I'll be waiting for thread feedback before I record more, in case people want to see more or less of certain parts of the game. We're past the six episode mark, so it's going at the pace it's at right now.

Is this game actually good?

I am still not sure! The driving is hilarious in good ways, but the shooting is horrible in bad ways. From what I've heard, the later game devolves into too much shooting.


Part 01: Guess What I Put In My Car?
Part 02: Smart About Driving
Part 03: Vin Diesel Emergency
Part 04: Air Diesel
Part 05: Hot Potato
Part 06: Off the Rails
Part 07: Time to Crash Your Stocks
Part 08: Anti-Diesel Force
Part 09: Vin Diesel Steals Romanian Porn
Part 10: Metal Gear Car
Part 11: Staying Alive is a Good Idea
Part 12: This Is the Worst
Part 13: Truck Love
Part 14: Let's Start a Gang War
Part 15: Let's Continue a Gang War
Part 16: He Killed Pepe!
Part 17: The Fast and the Careful
FINALE: Chekhov's Ramp

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