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Part 20: Choose My Fate

Speaking of that.....

I really wish there were some "Holy Shit!!!!" moments for you guys in this game. There really aren't. There are some pretty cool cutscenes, but very rarely will you get a "Holy Shit!" moment like you do multiple times in WC3 and WC4. But rest assured, the Midway has a few tricks up their sleeve.

Also, just reminding everyone that I'll probably try to get an update out tomorrow (finishing off T'lan Meth), and then that'll be it until Monday or Tuesday. I have something already done that I'm going to try to put up this weekend; that's just a matter of me getting a chance to post it.

Edit: But since I've been alluding to it, I'm just going to go ahead and do one thing now.

In exactly four missions, I'll have a huge choice to make. One that could change the entire course of human history. One that will make all the difference on whether we beat the bugs or not. One that will decide our ultimate fate.

None of those things are true, but it will determine a mission path. And I'll let you guys pick.




No matter what you pick, you'll get to see them both throughout the rest of the game. I'll also show the other path after I beat the game. But for now, choose my destiny.

It should be about a week before I actually get to this mission, so feel free to keep voting. Lurkers, now's your time to come out of the woodwork and post something!

Edit 2: For the record, I don't have a preference. OK, that's not necessarily true, I do like one a little bit more than the other (I'm not sure if I've said anything to give it away), but it doesn't matter to me which one you pick, because they're both really really fun to fly.