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Part 2: Flight Log 2 - Lt. Lance Casey

[Flight Log 2 - Lt. Lance Casey]

Additionally, we were told that if we were not back to the Midway by exactly 0100 hours, they would leave without us and we'd be stranded to be blown up by the bugs, or worse. Needless to say, I was determined not to let that happen.

At Nav 1, we ran into a small group of alien fighters. I was surprised at the numbers, seeing the sheer force they sent after us in the previous mission. I assumed that they called for reinforcements when they had Maniac and his squad trapped, and that would account for the numbers. I hoped all normal bug patrols were this small, because we could handle something of this size.

Despite the fact that we couldn't understand them, the bugs were quite talkative. Maybe they were trying to communicate something to us, or maybe they were just gloating as the Kilrathi liked to do. I wasn't sure, and I was pretty sure I didn't want to know.

The brainiacs on the Midway had decided to come up with a name for this new fighter, naming it the Moray. Apparently they were going to go with an aquatic theme for the alien ships. The Moray was seemingly their light fighter, which was fast, but not particularly powerful, and really only posed a threat in groups. We dispatched the Morays at Nav 1 with no problems.

Closely trailing an enemy ship that's about to explode isn't one of the brightest ideas in the world, but it provided my ship's camera to get a great shot of what it looked like when the alien ships exploded. Confed will love pictures like this, to give to the press in order to make us and themselves look better.

The brass on the Midway had told us to conserve our missile ammunition, because of the fact that supplies were limited and we were out of contact with Confed. But sometimes a situation arises where the target is just too tempting. I imagine they'll forgive me for this one.

At the third Nav point, we discovered a ship we hadn't seen before. I didn't know anything about how it worked or the weapon loadout on it, but whatever it was, it was much more powerful than the Morays that we had fought against previously. This ship was more of an all-purpose fighter, it seemed, and it was a tough foe to bring down in our Piranhas. I was happy that I had decided to save my missiles, because they worked as effectively against these guys as they did against the Morays.

When we arrived at Nav 4, we saw the Midway waiting for us to return after our patrol. When I looked at the time after the mission, I saw that we had done the mission in about a third of the time that we needed. I realized that I was becoming a better pilot, and with more training, I could maybe live up to the reputation of my father. I guess only time will tell.

A successful mission. My accuracy was higher than I thought it would be, due to my spraying of the Stormfire around, but my stats were turning out well, and any pilot would be happy with another seven kills added to his score.

H'rekkah 3 ** (only worth watching for the brief cutscene at the end, and even that's not very important. Also, when I called the new ship a "Moray", I meant "Manta". )