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Part 36: Flight Log 30 - Lt. Lance Casey

[Flight Log 30 - Lt. Lance Casey]

Our mission this time was to clear the support ships for the dreadnaught, which was the main defense of the alien wormhole. Our patrol was going to hit Nav 1 while Stiletto's patrol simultaniously hit Nav 2, in an attempt to catch them off-guard before they could call in reinforcements from the dreadnaught. I wasn't sure what to expect from this mission. We hadn't seen much more resistance in the bugs' "home system" than we had in any other system, but that could be because they were keeping their troops by the dreadnaught or wormhole for defense. I wasn't sure what was going on, so I stayed prepared for anything.

In the launch tube, the comm officer told me to get back in a hurry. I wondered what the need for speed was, and asked Maestro over the comm line. He told me that he had overheard rumor from the other pilots that we were going to clear out the dreadnaught really soon, perhaps even today, so they wanted us to clear out the support ships and get back to refit before the dreadnaught had a chance to get support from the wormhole.

When we arrived at Nav 1, there was a Ray doing what I could only guess was advance scouting. Our Vampire escort took him down in about five seconds, which gave me a chance to get some real-time turret practice on the Remoras. I rarely ever used the turrets, since they autotargetted, but I have to say that it was kinda fun to pick off the Remoras with a turret.

The Devastator was not designed for dogfighting by any means, and while the Plasma gun was pretty good at taking down cap ship components, it wasn't much use against alien fighters. However, that's not to say that it didn't get some use. This shot took out that Manta in one blast, and I don't care who you are, that's just fun.

As we were finishing off the carrier's fighter escort, Stiletto sent a message that they had encountered a few more alien ships than they had expected. The Midway asked us to head over to Nav 2 and provide them relief when we finished at Nav 1. I radioed Stiletto and told her we were coming, then set to taking down the carrier as fast as I could.

Our Vampire escort picked off the rest of the fighters, and our Devastators sped in to take down the carrier in a hurry. Thanks to shoddy alien design, the engines were basically unguarded, so I volunteered to take that out while the rest of my wingmen attacked the bridge. The carrier went down pretty fast, although two of my Alpha Wing copilots got taken out by the turrets on the Leviathan. Thankfully, I saw their ejection pods on my radar and knew that SAR would be on the way soon.

As we got there, Stiletto's wing was just taking out the carrier and the cruiser, leaving us with the task of taking down the destroyer. With the fighter escort basically gone, the coast was clear for us and what was left of Stiletto's wing to take her down.

Before I could even get to the destroyer, someone had already taken out her bridge, which meant that all I had to do was destroy the engines. And I believe I already covered how easy that was due to the bad alien design of their cap ships.

When the destroyer blew up, Stiletto messaged me telling me that she owed me. I could tell that it was hard for her to admit defeat, so I held off on the opportunity to give her shit (not that she didn't deserve it) and just told her that it was no problem, and I knew she'd do the same for me. The last thing I needed was having a pilot on my wing with a confidence problem.

After checking the status computer, I found out that I failed one of my bonus objectives. However, I didn't feel as if it was totally my fault, seeing as how I was in a bomber and the Vampire escort was mostly in charge of protecting us. But I saw the SAR pullin back in with the two rescued pilots, and figured nobody would hold this against me too bad. Plus, we managed to take down four capital ships today, which put a major hurt on the aliens' stranglehold in the Kilrah system. I was ready to take down that dreadnaught.

(I have no idea if those pilots actually lived or not. For story purposes, let's say they did.)

Kilrah Mission 3 ** (Thread reader request edition)

(three missions left, people)

Lockmat posted:

Everyone hates on comm officer Anderson so much. He's not nearly as annoying as Naismith from WC4 who I think was such an asshole for the simple reason of making  defection  even more appealing.

Don't you dare defend that asshole ever again. EVER I SAY!

Actually, it's been a while since I played WC4, but I vaguely remember him being worse, yeah.

Anyway, the next two missions should get done, video-wise, tomorrow, and then it's just a matter of whenever I stop being lazy with the screenshot portion. This video was actually done last night, I just didn't feel like writing out the screenshots because I'm a lazy fuck. The last video probably won't be done for a week or so, so I'll try to space out the next two missions so there's not a huge gap between those and the last mission.