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Part 40: Alternate Ending

The other, more bullshit ending

And as a special treat, the best song ever made, thanks to that otherwise useless fucker Psion.

Edit: FUCK! I totally realized that I forgot to thank HopperUK in the video. I had it on my mind, and even had it planned out, but just skipped over it accidentally. So you get your special thanks in the thread.

HopperUK: You were the only person in the thread who wasn't a dick to me. Ready for that threesome with Nomad?

I will make sure that you get an extra special shout out in my first extra video too, which will probably be a replay of the Hawk/Kilrathi mission where we actually attack the Kilrathi this time, as well as the associated cutscenes that you guys missed out on by not taking that path.