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Part 6: Flight Log 6 - Lt. Lance Casey

[Flight Log 6 - Lt. Lance Casey]

This was it. The big one. My Alpha Wing was to escort Maniac and his bombers to the cruiser and take her out. The briefing computer was nice enough to remind us that the cruiser may have taken out a whole Kilrathi fleet. This was a fact that everyone in the room was already well aware of, especially myself, since I got to witness the destruction first hand in my very first mission. But we were all excited to get to it and show these bugs what the Diamondbacks were all about.

As soon as I launched, I hit the booster pack and headed towards the enemies. As I rocketed towards them, I noticed a new enemy ship that I had never seen before. I had no idea what it was, just that it appeared to have a large central ship surrounded by multiple drones. It looked dangerous, so I made it top priority to take it out first.

It took a lot of damage, and even a Swarmer wasn't enough to take it out. Even worse, I couldn't seem to damage the drones at all. So I closed in and used my Charging Mass Driver to finish it off. As it exploded, I realized what the drones were. They broke off as the central ship exploded and began shooting at me with lasers. Thankfully, they were easily destroyed and did hardly any damage to my ship at all.

After I took out a chunk of the fighters, I decided to go after the corvette that was making our lives miserable. Although I didn't have any Dragonfly missiles this time, two Swarmers and a few full gun blasts finished it off almost as easily.

With only a couple of fighters left and my wingmen handling them easily, it was time to make Maniac's bombers' lives a lot easier by taking out everything I could on the cruiser. Obviously the missile turrets posed the biggest threat, so I went after those first.

With those out of the way, I began picking off gun turrets one by one. The cruiser had a ton of them, but they weren't particularly dangerous unless you parked yourself in front of one.

Our wing managed to take out all of the turrets before their wing could destroy the cruiser, so there was really nothing to do at the end other than sit around and wait for them to finish it off. A rare peaceful moment during a mission.

When the cruiser exploded, it managed to let out one last swarm of enemy fighters. However, we had four fighters and four bombers at the cruiser, as well as another four fighters backing up the Midway, so their attack was more target practice for us than anything else. Once they were gone, the Midway congratulated us on a job well done. I had no idea the captain was so close to calling the mission quits, but I'm glad we could prove to him that he should have faith in us.

It was the first time I had ever failed to complete an objective, but the computer told me that it was a bonus objective, and I was more preoccupied with taking out the turrets so I could save the bombers than I was taking out fighters that my wingmen were perfectly capable of handling. So all-in-all, I was happy with how the mission went.

G'wriss 3 * (basically identical to last mission. Also 7 != 8)

Cutscene 7

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