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Part 9: Flight Log 8 - Lt. Lance Casey

[Flight Log 8 - Lt. Lance Casey]

Dekker told me that we had incoming bugs, and that I needed to delay them so his Marines could get the station fully operational. This seemed like something of a suicide mission, but I was determined to hold them off as long as I could. If the human race was being threatened by aliens, then it was easily worth my life to make sure Confed was aware of the danger. I suited up and climbed into the cockpit.

Soon after launch, the Midway contacted me and said that they had driven off their attackers and were going to jump into the system from there. All I had to do was stay alive until they got there. Scanning through the enemies, I saw a couple of Morays and Skates, which I knew I was capable of handling, even by myself. I breathed a slight sigh of relief.

Surprise! I noticed a Devil Ray on my HUD. I had never seen one of these before, but I'd heard the other pilots talking about them in the briefings. Apparently Devil Rays were the bug equivalent of aces. And of course they put their best pilots in their best planes. So what you had was a heavily armored, heavily armed maneuverable plane being flown by one of the aliens' best pilots. So there's no need to explain that that spells trouble. Especially when you're alone.

After firing off most of my missiles to try to take out the Devil Ray fast, he finally went down in an explosion. He had done some damage to me, but luckily didn't fire very many missiles, or else I would have been toast. At this point, I just needed to survive until reinforcements got here.

Barely a few seconds after I got done thinking that, I saw something jumping into the area in the corner of my eye. Fully expecting it to be seven enemy cruisers and an enemy carrier, I had never been as happy in my life to hear Maniac's annoying voice as I was at that moment. Help had arrived, and now these bugs were toast.

Maniac asked where Blair had gone, and Dekker filled him in briefly from the comm station. I have to admit that in the excitement of fighting off the enemies by myself, I had somewhat forgotten about what happened to Blair, but now the gravity of the situation sunk back in, and my elation over the arrival of help was tempered.

Between Maniac's squadron and the reinforcements from the Midway, mopping up the rest of the fighters was no problem at all. Once I finished, the Midway congratulated me, but I could tell spirits were low on board the ship. Losing a bonafied hero is not the first message that you want to send to Confed after weeks of no communication.

So happy to be back near the Midway, I decided to ignore the auto docking procedure and do a flyby of the carrier before I went home. The ship had always impressed me, but this time, she had saved my life.

Not a bad score, but score wasn't the important thing here. Survival was. I checked my stats and headed back in to the ship to see what was going on with the rest of the crew. I gotta say, I missed every damn one of them. Even Maniac.

H'hrass 2 *** (not really anything particularly special, only worth watching as a follow-up to the last mission)

Cutscene 8

ded posted:

Odd. I remember WCP to be totally annoying due to the fact you typically fight at around 60-1 odds with non-stop missile spam on you. Maybe I am remembering wrong, but it was the only WC that I never finished because of that (well for wc1-wc4 + secret missions).

You're probably thinking of Secret Ops. That game was very much obnoxiously difficult. WCP wasn't that bad at all.

Edit: For those of you who never played Secret Ops, I'd like to post the enemy list from the SECOND MISSION IN THE GAME (it's a scramble mission)

Cerberus NAV
Wave 1
2 Barracuda
2 Skate
4 Manta
2 Lamprey
Wave 2
4 Lamprey
4 Skate
4 Moray
2 Skate B

You guys haven't seen Lampreys yet (I mention in this latest video that the Devil Ray was the last new fighter, I was wrong, there's at least two more that I forgot about ), but rest assured, this is pretty insane.