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Part 113: Mission #108: TCS Concordia, Canewdon system

Mission #108: TCS Concordia, Canewdon system

Previously on Wing Commander: Minx managed to escape from the Concordia, taking with her one of the Morningstar prototypes. A thorough search produced no results, leading to the conclusion that she must have jumped out. Also we got to fly the Morningstar ourselves!

I hadn't heard anything from him for a year, and thought he might be dead, but he sent us a transmission from Ayer's Rock. From Scorpion's transmission, we've been able to track that Mandarin base.

Yay, always wanted to go to Australia!

I have a sinking feeling...

Twenty minutes later...

We can dream...

So, there we go, finally after all this time we get again to fly a few 'special operations' missions! And none too soon, since SO2 is almost over! In this one, we just need to make our way through to a meeting point with Paladin's ship (he's not actually flying the Bonnie Heather anymore, you'll see).
And with this, our second undercover outing finally begins. This mission was again not too hard, but believe me when I tell you that starting next time, things will get more serious. Other than that, sending two Gothri to protect three transports is just a bit silly, but is just as well since those three transports for some reason represent the winning condition for this set of missions. I have no idea how you can manage to get through the mission without destroying them to be honest, so it is more or less a given that you'll not have to do the make-up mission after next one. This is kind of a shame, since the extra mission features a totally awesome pre-mission dialogue which you don't get to otherwise see. I have no idea again why they haven't somehow included this in the normal flow, but there it is. But we'll cover this next time, like always.

As for the five Drakhri in the asteroid field, those guys are more likely to just kill themselves by crashing into rocks than anything else since the asteroid field is so dense! In any case, not really an issue.

So, as you can see, for the final few missions, our base will be The Gamal GanGrimalkin (although I'm pretty sure that the targeting display still calls it Gamal Gan. Now you know why its destruction in that other mission meant instant game over!

Current kill total: 108 missions/890 kills

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