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Part 115: Mission #110: The Grimalkin, Ayer's system

Mission #110: The Grimalkin, Ayer's system

Previously on Wing Commander: Alongside Paladin's ship, we've made the jump into Ayer's system for the final part of our mission to destroy the Mandarin base at Ayer's rock.

I still don't understand how the Mandarins were supposed to have been able to build a massive base like this! And built into a rock no less!

And apparently, we have arrived somewhere close enough to Ayer's Rock that they can actually detect us.

Uh, come again please?

A few minutes later...

Ah, yes, Paladin's spy in the Mandarin organisation.

Unlike Concordia, Mandarins have proper security, so he has to transmit his broadcasts out of some kind of equipment closet rather than in the plain view in a communications room!

Calm down, please.

Welcome to the final set of four missions, folks. As should be obvious, our task is to (eventually) destroy the Mandarin base, with a nice little bit of action on the side. For now, we must prevent the detection of our true identity by destroying another enemy task force coming at us.
I must admit I am just a little bit disappointed they didn't send even a single capital ship this time around. But I guess it can be expected that they have learned what usually ends up happening to them, so why bother, yes?

Anyway, after the last outing, this one is again not too difficult, since 5 normal Gothri seem to be easier to fight than two Imperial guard ones. Also, as expected, in a fast ship, Sarthas are pretty much a non issue (but try fighting 5 Sarthas in a Broadsword and see how far you get!).

I'm also disappointed that after starting well, Maniac seems to be underperforming a bit in the last couple of missions; but at least he is not hindering us--I can live with that. Oddly enough, we haven't yet had a single instance of him ejecting, which is REALLY surprising; and even his running away only happened once and that was before we started flying the Morningstar together with him anyway. I kind of hope we do get him to eject at least once as he has a particularly hilarious comment when that happens. If not, I'll "make" it happen and include as a bonus somewhere.

Having 9 kills in one mission is quite a lot for Wing Commander 2 in general, as there are rarely even that many ships to be found in a single mission!

Current kill total: 110 missions/905 kills

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