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Part 95: Mission #90: TCS Concordia, Ghorah Khar system

Mission #90: TCS Concordia, Ghorah Khar system

Previously on Wing Commander: With the destruction of Rigel supply depot, the situation with the mutineers from the TCS Gettysburg appears to finally be resolved, although we couldn't unfortunately save everyone. Oh well, it's time to finally join up with Paladin's Special Operations team.

No Hawaiian shirt... boring.

Major Edmond? Uh... why is SHE coming, she doesn't even like us!

It may be an old junker, but it's still indestructible, by the way.

We do have time for a quick goodbye to our girlfriend, though.

And, with that, off we go.

Alrighty then, it's time for another non-escort mission as we make our way through the jump point back to Ghorah Khar system and the place we have already visited before--the Olympus station. Since this mission features fast enemies, we'll be switching off the neutron guns again.
First of all, as I've indicated, the Bonnie Heather is still indestructible, so don't even worry about that at all. The three Imperial guard Drakhri are more annoying than anything else, but nevertheless, don't let them gang up behind you--that's why you have the rear turret. Chances are good that some (or even all) of them will end up escaping; certainly after Paladin makes the jump they will all immediately start running, but chances are good it will happen even earlier than that. In some of my test runs, ALL of them ran away almost immediately after one of them took just a bit of damage. So do what you can, but don't worry if they run, since there is nothing you can do.

The other side of the jump point is the real battle, I guess, although it's still just some Strakhas (albeit Imperial guard version, so they take a lot more hits). More problematic is that you have that transporter pounding at you; in general, whenever Strakhas are hidden, you want to be going away from the transporter--this will minimise the damage it does (which is really not that huge to begin with if you keep moving).

Finally, there is actually a chance to encounter more enemies in this mission. Depending on where you end up after the jump point battle, you may be approaching the Olympus station from different directions; in some cases you may run into two Sartha on the way; they are also Imperial guards, but should not pose too much trouble as there is only two.

Current kill total: 90 missions/745 kills

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