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Part 97: Mission #92: Olympus station, Ghorah Khar system

Mission #92: Olympus station, Ghorah Khar system

Previously on Wing Commander: We were escorting a supply delivery ship for one of the rebelling Kilrathi planets; Major Edmond seems to hold some kind of a grudge against us, for no obvious reason.

All right, it's time to pull rank!

Oh, yeah! Unlike before, we outrank her now!

You may remember this system from WC1; it's the ultimate losing branch. Also, since Nintendo cannot deal with H-E-double hockey sticks word, in SNES version of WC1 it's called Apocalypse instead.

Uh, somehow it doesn't seem we made a whole lot of progress here?

Well, doesn't look like we can do a whole lot more there right now, so let's go to Paladin, who I'm sure has a mission for us.

You don't say.

I want them to learn from you - your combat tactics, your style of command. And I want them to learn how to stay alive in combat. This'll be a straightforward mission, a patrol around Olympus Station. Your main objective is to keep these boys alive, Maverick, we need them to lead the resistance. That's more important than any scoring any kills on this mission.

So, a combat flight instructor, huh? Also, he's right, let's try to bring them all back alive from the mission.

So hey, it's been a while since we had one of the 'normal' wingmen, hasn't it? In this mission we get Hobbes on our wing again, but in addition to him there's also three trainee pilots, for a grand total of FIVE! I know very well what you are thinking right now, but strangely enough, you are completely wrong, as you will see in the video. Before we go on, let me just mention that we are in a Sabre for this one (and the next also).
Well, that was unexpected... but yes, these guys really are much better than any of the nonames we've been flying with recently! Somehow, friendly fire really isn't a huge issue in this mission and they will definitely be pulling their weight too--the enemies don't stand much chance really.

Probably the biggest danger for them actually is the defensive fire from that Kamekh, so you may want to go and deal with it quickly at the start. You aren't given any torpedoes, so it'll have to be up close and personal (not that you would have time to wait for torpedo lock anyway). The Jalkehi are really not much of an issue either--if anything they are even easier because you are faster. Just help out as much as you can. Also note that some of the Jalkehi will be misidentified as Sartha on your radar screen. They are definitely all Jalkehi, though.

The one thing that IS annoying in this mission, is that the game again has a bit of a problem due to large number of objects on screen--in this one it will manifest itself by missiles not being able to launch most of the time (or at least until you kill a couple of enemies and reduce their numbers). This is kind of stupid as this is exactly the sort of mission where missiles are extremely useful, but there is nothing you can do.

The 3 rookies can definitely get killed, and if so, then that will be mentioned in the debriefing when you return to base.

Current kill total: 92 missions/760 kills

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