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Part 7: Trynton

Update 005: Trynton(and side quests)

So I load up the game and get a brief shock as Vitalia is just gone.

What happens is that every time you area transition, rest or reload a game, any RPC's not in your party(bar one specific one) are reset to their "starting" positions. There used to be a bug, in early versions of the game, where Vitalia's "starting position" was inside the game geometry, and also I believe Tantris' starting position had the same issue but I only ever recruited him once, so if you ever dismissed them, they would be un-recoverable.

Thankfully now she's just chilling at the bar.

Goodbye, Sparkle, you were briefly useful.

As soon as you recruit Vi, she encourages you to visit He'li and Braffit. Not a bad idea for a new player, especially one who hasn't played Wizardry 7, as it'll cause Vitalia and He'li/Braffit to barf up a lot of fresh exposition on the first time they meet.

For anyone who doesn't care to watch the videos, she primarily just catches you up on why the Dark Savant kidnapped her and why she's not good friends with him.

After that, we have one more very important job to do in Arnika for the time being... heading down to use Anna and Antone's keycards in the bank vault. Anna's isn't super-important but Antone's? Oh man. If you have any melee combatant that uses swords, you will want this.

Antone's vault contains just one thing, a non-randomized longsword item.

So important thing to note about the Bloodlust blade.

It's cursed! Now, this curse is different from every other curse in the game which tends to carry stat penalties and/or permanent HP/Stamina/Mana drain effects. All this one does is prevent you from unequipping it or swapping weapons, so Chewbecka will have to rely on magic for long-range damage rather than her bow, from now on.

It also has only one "attack mode," which is BERSERK. Attack modes are a thing I never "got" about Wizardry 8. Most weapons have Stab, Thrust, Swing or some combination of the three, and you don't choose which one gets used. What they actually do... maybe they influence the area you hit and enemies have bodypart-specific AC values like PC's do? Fuck knows. The point is that Berserk is better than all of them.

To explain why, I'm gonna fastforward to the return to the Monastery to break open that vault.

(the only thing of interest in Anna's vault was the MONSTRANCE, a holy-fella-only staff which is more interesting for it's name, try googling what a Monstrance is in the real world, than for anything it can do)

Oh and Antone is the only NPC in the game canny enough to realize when he's been robbed, but also smart enough not to piss off eight heavily armed maniacs to make an issue of it.

The way back mostly consists of mashing some generic wilderness monsters until I bump into these fellas.


Their main thing is being real beefy, and their pinchy claws have an Extended range which actually means they can reach past my front line to hit the mages in the back when the mood takes them. If I had a traditional fill-the-edges formation, I could have shifted Werdna and Stony into the back row to leave another rank of distance, but c'est la vie. Let's get to the main show.

So the big thing to notice about the BERSERK attack mode(which Fighters natively have access to with all melee weapons) is that it does inherent 2x damage, so the Bloodlust Blade actually does twice as much damage as the numbers claim. But Purple, you might ask, what if it hits someone who's paralyzed, blinded or webbed? Then it deals 3x damage. It should be obvious what a titanic asskicking potential this is.

Oh and she's also fast enough with it to attack twice per round. So in a single equipment upgrade Chewbecka has escalated to doing, at base, four times the damage she was doing before. Completely mental. Using the Berserk attack mode also offers some vaguely-specified defensive penalty, but Chewbecka's a big girl, I'm sure she can survive a few daggers through the head.

It also seems to up the incidence of her 5x LIGHTNING SPEED attacks a lot, since I saw maybe one per recording session otherwise and now I was getting three or four of them. According to internet people, initiative bonuses/low carry weight impacts how regularly they happen, so I figure that the +6 init might be what makes the difference. It would also track with how they became less common over the course of the recording session, as I also became more encumbered with dead enemies' gear and living civilians' stuff that they didn't bother to lock away somewhere sufficiently impregnable.

In any case, the return to the vault is without incident, let's crack this baby open.

And have a fight that could have gone extremely poorly if these two fuckers had any sort of backup. See, we fought a Screaming Head before, and all it did was scare some party members a bit, because it was alone and low-level.

Let's see how this fight looks about a round in.

Everyone's a combination of Blinded and Silenced.

And paralyzed.

And insane.

The last one is the worst part, because the Screaming Heads do relatively low damage themselves, but if, say, Chewbecka went Insane and the RNG said she was going to chop the rest of the party into little chunks she'd be able to annihilate a party member per round, more or less.

At no point did I have more than two or three party members reliably doing what they were told. Just the presence of a small group of spiders or bugs to actually do damage for the Screaming Heads could have wiped the party out, especially since Saxx bungled casting Soul Shield on the first round of combat just because he was blind. Do you even need to be able to see to play the goddamn saxophone? Thankfully he redeems himself well and truly before this update is over.

Once the fight is over, though, we can start desecrating the dead. We've got two chests of randomized loot that yield nothing of any real interest and a big sarcophagus in the middle that's more worthwhile to bust open.

The bow is essentially a longbow that deals +10% damage to demons. Spoiler, we will be meeting demons before the game is over. The sword is more of the same. We don't really have a good candidate for the sword at the moment, since our two Valkyries are using polearms and Chewbecka has fused with the Bloodlust Sword to become Stabbotron 4000. In hindsight I should maybe have considered giving it to Saxx, but for now I stuff both of them on Aurora for safekeeping.

The bow and sword are named Demonsting and Demonsbane respectively.

Anyone familiar with Wizardry games or Wizards & Warriors may recognize Ankhs as sweet misc. magic items.

They more or less consistently offer a low protection boost and a big stat boost. It goes on Chewbecka so she can kill things even more efficiently, she is the party's major source of damage output and I am extremely proud of her for kicking so much ass.

On the way back to Arnika from the Monastery to head south to Trynton I also fuck up by resting along the road in an unsafe location, I wake up to this:

In one free round of combat this Hogar dumpsters Aurora(she's definitely going to be the most-resurrected by the time this game is over unless something changes a lot) before Chewbecka can fillet it. Still, it's fine, resurrections are mostly a drain on your limited rez consumables, there aren't any stat losses or XP losses, though if possible you want the dead character back to life before the fight is over so they don't miss out on post-fight XP.

Once he's sorted, i.e. dead, I briefly stop by Arnika to stock up on resurrection dust before continuing on to the next treasureful sidequest.

Along the way is another Mystery House with an eerie hum emanating from within. Similarly to the first it will become relevant later.

It's also somewhere along this part of the recording where I realize I've had a Short Staff all along, because the only way to be guaranteed one is to have a pure Mage who's not a Fairy in your party(Fairy gear overrides class gear since they can't equip 99% of it), so Werdna's been lugging one around since the very first post.

I squish some plants, rogues and Piercer Modais on the way onwards when I run into a friendly, or at least not immediately hostile, NPC on the road.

Who's this fella?

Looks beefy. I bet he has something important to chat about.

Let's, uh, let's have a look at what he gave us.

A simple rifle. I give this one to Vi so I won't have another character hogging all the specialist bow ammo, it's bad enough that Saxx and Aurora have to share.



It will, of course, be up to a vote whether we should do that the next time we're in Arnika.

A few steps onwards and the road splits, I, of course, pick the one that doesn't lead to progress as there's a small, spooky side area down here. A graveyard!

Normally it's one of the places that can challenge you considerably if you make a straight run to Arnika from the Monastery and then head to Trynton, as the game seems to heavily imply that you should.

The gate guards are a bunch of Trynnie ghosts with condition-inflicting spears, backed up by a ghost sorceress that can throw nasty conditions on you. Of course, having arrived somewhat late, I simply apply Fireballs until the problem is resolved and wade inside.

Inside there's a graveyard and a mausoleum, patrolled by a mummy.

Another potential roadblock for low-level parties considering that he's very beefy and can inflict paralysis with his melee attacks. If you got unlucky he could lock down a large part of your party without giving you a chance to wear him down. Of course, in this case I just need Chewbecka to win initiative and she splatters him across the gravestones in short order.

I splatter him into mummy dust(which I collect) and turn around to see...

a mystical rune

There are six gravestones with runes on them that you can interact with to activate, in no particular order, you just need to turn on all six. In an extremely cruel trick, five of them are on the east sides of gravestones, and the last is on the west side, which drove me insane for a bit.

Of course, activating all six outwardsly does nothing.

I poke the couple I can easily spot and head for the mausoleum.

We can't do anything here quite yet. Mind you, I don't know if busting this particular ghost actually does anything besides give you some bonus XP, like disabling enemy spawns for the graveyard or something.

More importantly, though, there's a new instrument in the corner.

Which is the aforementioned redemption for Saxx. Being able to drop Insanity on an entire group of enemies is wonderful, since it's roughly an even chance of them doing nothing, attacking one of their allies or actually doing what they meant to do.

So once you've prodded all the gravestones, what do you do next?

You interact with this one pillar in the corner of the graveyard, which you only know is interactible because it changes the cursor when you wave it over it at close range.

If you attempt to interact with it without having activated all gravestones? Nothing happens.

If you attempt to interact with it without a plain Dagger in your inventory? Nothing happens.

But what if you fulfill both those requirements?

You jam a dagger dramatically into it and... apparently nothing happens.

What you need to do next is you need to leave the graveyard entirely and follow the wall all the way around...

To find this mushroom ring that's an entrance to a bonus dungeon.

Supposedly none of these secret dungeons were discovered until a developer hinted at them on a fan forum way back, and I can believe that. The remaining two secret dungeons are in the Mountain and Northern wildernesses, where we've been already, we'll be sure to visit them as well since high-level visits provide a chance of items and monsters encountered nowhere else.

The bonus dungeons are sadly somewhat unexciting. They're intentionally grid-based retro. Dark, curving corridors full of doors, chests and random encounters, as well as the occasional spike trap that has zero warning and will fuck you up for entering the wrong dead end.

The map is also useless because A) there are teleporters that warp you around. B) at unclear points to north, east, west and south the map loops in on itself. And C) there are three bonus dungeons and they all in the same "space" just layered on top of each other.

Some enemies are stuff we can meet on the outside, too. These Scorchers, notably, kicked my ass. They've got a "built-in" conic fire attack that hits everyone. It's currently the nastiest thing anything can do to us, AoE attacks, since it fucks up Werdna and Stony real hard.

Nibblers are inoffensive miniature versions of Swallowers and, I believe, only occur in these dungeons. Unlike Swallowers who can, as the name implies, swallow a PC to remove them from the battle until the Swallower is killed, Nibblers just, well, nibble at you and do plain damage.

Moraxes are the upgraded version of Screaming Heads, adding a bunch of actual damaging spells to go with their condition-inflicters and also looking a heck of a lot cooler.

There's also no clear way out. You can't just leave whenever you want, whenever you've had your fun, you need to find the boss monster, kick his ass and use the (indistinguishable from all the rest) mushroom ring in his boss room to escape.

The unique boss monster of the Dagger Dungeon is...

Baron Englund's Ghost. I'm earnestly not sure if I should be recognizing the name, I feel like I should.

Bloodthirst loses me the first engagement, as I rush in and get surrounded and poked by Trynnie Ghosts. On the second try I smartly use the open door and the wall to protect my right flank and rear and just bombard Englund and his ghosts from range.

Worth noting during this fight is that some enemies can also Berserk, which ups their damage ability considerably compared to what they'd normally do.

When I'm not being a moron, the fight is pretty trivial and Englund goes down like a chump. Doesn't even drop anything unique or interesting.

Time to go back to the real world.

I only barely step outside of the graveyard when...

Thank you, Aurora.

Holy Water can be thrown at enemies to cast the spell of the same name, but it can also be used to banish the ghost in the graveyard.

The reward is trivial, but sometimes it's about doing good things, not about being rewarded for them.

Once the graveyard is done with, Trynton is literally just around the corner.

Whoever they got to do these little art pieces for the loading screens deserves a medal, I'll note. Even the less cool ones are all really good.

Trynton is slightly darker than all areas so far, with the skybox tending to be obscured by mist and fog. Straight ahead and right are forest, to the left is...

The sea.

Wizardry 8 has an odd approach to being able to fall. We can't drop into the ocean if we slam our faces into the cliff's edge, but if we drop down...

Into this little creek...

We can drop into the ankle-deep sea for decent amounts of falling damage. It occasionally feels like the game is "faking" being 3D, especially as there are relatively few room-over-room areas. But more likely it's just a result of the game's odd "physics" engine when it comes to slopes(you often need a run-up to climb them, so if you start sliding down, you'll keep sliding down) and wanting to make it not too easy for people to kill themselves slipping off ledges.

This part of the ocean is boring, just a few fish to gib and nothing else. I feel like I remember there being a cave or something to explore down along the cliff's edge, but I couldn't find a damn thing.

So we're just going to climb this fishing line up. Perfectly safe.

Climbing ladders and ropes in Wizardry 8 functions by interacting with them, at which point the game more or less moves the party along a rail until they come to the end point to simulate climbing. This climbing is inexorable, which means that if you approach it from an unexpected angle sometimes you an phys-gib yourself against a railing or the game will drop you early because of unexpected resistance and you'll die from falling damage.

Up top, we meet some new friends.

Rapax will become increasingly common towards the endgame. They're tough sons of bitches whose warriors often Berserk with their weapons for extra damage, and later encounters will also include Rapax warlocks and priests that can fuck us up with wizzardry.

Not too scary when reduced to target practice, though.

And they've got random low-level spellbooks in their drop tables, which is also an awesome reason to chunk as many of them as possible. They help fill out holes in the party's low-level spell selection.

They also drop the occasional low-grade elemental resistance item.

It's a smaller area than it seems, when you get right down to it. It's really just a path leading west to east and, in the big black blob in the center, one of the central boughs of Trynton hosting the way up.

Chief Gary gives us an excuse to walk into his town, steal everything not nailed down and kill everything that looks at us funny. Seems like a good deal to me.

Trynton proper is a mixture of inside-trees and inside-buildings cramped areas, and open outdoors areas along walkways. Said outdoors areas are less open than they seem, of course, because you can't really walk off the walkways(or rather, you can, but it's a pretty bad idea, though possible to survive if you have one or more Valkyries in the party).

It's also absolutely INFESTED with vermin of various types, so it took me like a solid 30 minutes of mulching man-eating plants and giant roaches just to get off the Trynnies' front porch and climb up the inside of one of their big trees.

This is Trynton, and also what most of the rest of the update is going to look like.

Little platform on the left hosts a fountain that restores MP.

Oh and sometimes it curses you.

Being cursed is pretty bad. Does no damage but does mean you can't really do anything. Good thing curses can be slept/walked off just like being insane, tied up, knocked out, blinded or poisoned.

Not being sick, though. Being sick is different.

The other way winds around the tree.

I guess they did say Marten hid out among the Trynnies and was their friend. Nice to see some actual signs(literally) of it rather than it just being mentioned by NPC's, though.

A simple elevator takes us a level up into the second part of Trynton.

And brings us face to face with the greatest danger in Trynton... the goddamn guards. Not because they'll attack you but because on the narrow walkways a patrol of them will often block your way, even worse so if two of them are moving along in opposite directions. I'll also note that multiple encounters with giant wasps, spiders, plants and bats have been cut out during these screenshots, because the fights mostly involves Werdna shredding them with fireballs while Chewbecka bathes in their blood/sap/ichor.

But there ARE encounters here that make me nervous.

See that glitter on the left side of the screen?

Sprites are glass cannons. All of them are spellcasters and very fragile, so if you get the drop on them, they're mincemeat, but the other way around they can screw you up, too, as they usually come in swarms of 5 to 14 or some such and all of them are spellcasters, capable of both blasting you and buffing each other, something we've not seen much of yet. In particular I've been wrecked multiple times in the past by their casting Eye For An Eye(hits attackers for as much damage as they do) a step faster than my own squishy casters manage to cast their offensive spells.

None of that this time around.

I think this fountain next to the entrance accepts multiple answers, but I know it accepts Mind, and the reward is a permanent +5 Intelligence across the entire party. Not bad at all.

This also breaks Werdna into the Power Cast skill which has unspecified spell-boosting effects and a vague ability to blow through enemies' elemental resistances. I tried to find out whether anyone had anything interesting to say about how effective it was and started drowning in a morass of pretentious maths and inscrutable shorthand on various forums.

Mostly what I learned was that apparently certain status ailments are tied to certain elements, so if you have something that paralyzes(eg. a weapon with that effect) without being the Water-realm Paralyze spell or similar, it still checks Water resistance for whether it sticks. Also apparently the game runs on some kind of pseudo D20-system as there's always a 1-in-20 chance(5%) for resistances to fail.

Anyway, I initiate combat out of sight of the fairies multiple times to move from cover to cover until I'm in striking range.

The fairies are, of course, buck naked and while it's very pixelly I think it may count as NSFW. :v:

I luck out on initiative and blast most of them with a fireball from Werdna, while the archers snipe sufficient amounts of the rest that the worst they manage to do is put a few party members to sleep.

If you don't know Trynton ahead of time, it's entirely possible you'll spend a lot of time trekking back and forth pointlessly. I have excised the bit where I fucked up something extremely simple and had to spend an hour shoving my way past idiot Trynnie patrols and angry wildlife to get back and fix it. But I'll point it out when it happens, so you can laugh at me.

You don't want these big obvious flower petals. No, what you want is to yank down the vines hanging in between them(and also to loot the stuffed dragon head on the far side, someone's shoved a bunch of potions in it). Why? Because you can then braid those vines into a rope so you can access the last part of Trynton, you fool.

Thus we acquire one of the many incidental items that will let us "complete" Trynton.

We're about to buy another couple of them from an NPC.

Fuzzfas here doesn't sell a lot of important things, but he does sell the goddamn Mystery Potion which he even mentions in the dialogue above and which I completely miss when I'm scrounging through his inventory for anything useful like dangerous ammo for my archers(there are very few upgrades to actual bows and crossbows, so most of your ranged attack bonuses will come in the form of even more war crime-y ammunition) and incense. It's funny that I remember the incense, because every time I play my brain is like "NO, GET THE INCENSE, IT'S IMPORTANT" when it is in fact pretty irrelevant to grab.

It's even right next to the incense in his shop inventory!

Most of the homes in Trynton are relatively empty and not worth raiding, but I do so anyway because adventurers use every part of the loot. It's part of their culture.

The paths crossing over each other is also a nice touch, it helps make Trynton feel bigger than it actually is. In terms of actual traversible area, I'm sure it's smaller than Arnika.

Usually if there's a pre-placed Bad Shit encounter, the game is kind enough to hint at it with, say, giant blood splotches or something similar.

It looks like fat giant spiders ate the family inside this home. The broken ceiling is a nice touch, implying that's how the spiders got in. Oddly enough the room with the spiders in it has no loot, though the spiders themselves drop spider silk which either Antone or his brother will want, I forget which.

Trynton also has a zoo!

With a whole three exhibits!

There's a fucking Hogar, how did theses little assholes get it up here?! Also a cage full of crocodiles. SAME QUESTION. And they also locked a bunch of sprites, which are POTENTIALLY sapient beings in a cage to watch them flutter around for fun. Man, the Trynnie are kind of dark.

Anyway, we want to kill the sprites.

Because their cage has fairy dust.

Which we mix with the rotten meat from the rotten meat vending machine(???????), to produce drugged meat, which we drop in the Hogar's feeding trough.

It's hard to see but this puts the Hogar to sleep.

UNFORTUNATELY a bunch of wandering assholes attacked at this very moment, burning off a lot of duration on the Hogar naptime.

So as soon as I open the cage, the sleep wears off and Bobo attacks me.


Bobo? I'm sure we've heard that name before.

Turns out it was the goddamn Trynnnie who stole the component from the Arnika spaceport necessary for their astrogation systems to work.

If they weren't pre-placed, these willows would be real dangerous. As we experienced from trying to ice Burz, they can blow up the entire party with Whipping Rocks or single members with Crush once they have sufficient levels. Thankfully their comparatively low level means they get fireballed like so many others. Considering how many problems I solve with fireball, I'm starting to think Werdna should've been named Black Mage instead.

'course it helps that Saxx hits them all with Insanity and they spend half their turns babbling and foaming or whacking each other with sticks rather than blasting me with spells.

Once they're done, we get to poke our heads into the temple. Again, a building for just one quest item, though this time instead of vines we've got us some flower petals that are gonna get us high as kites.

Back outside to raid an otherwise normal-looking house for another quest item.

A magic marble for us to put our faith in.

Also it opens this door.

Supposedly this square is now a safe place to rest, which I imagine means that resting there cranks monster spawns down to 0 for the rest period. The party takes a nap and I explore the three rooms branching off from the central square.

First branch, these three assholes. With some parties I've bounced off them multiple times like a chump, but these raw badasses just freeze them in place while Chewbecka practices her lumberjackery. Then we loot what looks like a Trynnie forge/armory.

It's got a total of four chests.

Two of them locked inside this neat safe.

But all we get aside from sellable junk is a spear upgrade for Lady. Which is still nice! I'm not complaining.

Second branch leads to a small structure where a pair of Trynnie scouts are holding off some Rapax who got up here somehow. There's a hole in the floor, so did they CLIMB up? Feisty fuckers.

They're only half the level of the Rapax I already iced on the ground and so they go down easy peasy.

I decide to check how the Trynnie scouts are dealing with it.

Looks like they're good! Then I lean over them and yoink their holy book.

Hmmmm, yes, could mean anything.

Third branching contains The Seventh Bough. I prepare for a vision quest and then realize I forgot to buy the Mystery Potion from Fuzzfas. I haul my way back to his store cursing all the way and then back here again.

Showing that he really is wise, the Shaman tells us to do what we were going to do anyway: go new places, see new things, pack them up and bring them with us(possibly after killing the owners if they object).

With that done, there are only two paths left in main Trynton to explore.

Up one path we find... a lab? Huh. It gets looted, of course, everything in here will be part of some exciting new doomsday device for Stony in an area or two. We're just about done collecting HALF of gadgets and getting to where we can start turning them into complete gadgets.

So Madras... exists.

He refuses to enter the two last areas of the game, but is otherwise surprisingly fearless for a Trynnie, and he's a Gadgeteer. One of his downsides, though, is that after you've dismissed him, if you want him back, you have to haul your ass all the way up to the top of Trynton to do so, unless you waste a Portal location on it.

Still, if you advance in the normal way and bring Vi but not Myles, he wouldn't necessarily be a bad recruit.

Plus I enjoy his ideas for a Rapavac.

The last path is, of course, progress. Up the path, up the ladder, out the-

I end up needing to rest twice for this traffic clusterfuck to disperse enough for me to get through.

We can't do anything here yet, but it's where we'll need to go once we've gotten Marten's Idol, something which is a legitimate, unskippable main questy thing.

The other way...

Using the Gooda Vine Rope on it fixes it so you can cross it. It doesn't require a lot of intellect, but there also aren't a lot of quest item uses for the "combine item" command, it's mostly only used for gadgeteer item construction, so I could see how it would be possible to miss that it's an option at all.

And here's the last third of Trynton. We've got a couple of important things to do here.

First, check out the local decor.

It's minor, but just adding some red and green splashes to the generic Trynnie home textures helps make the whole area feel a lot more run-down, abandoned and decayed than the rest of Trynton.

We'll also want to activate this shortcut to ground-level Trynton.

You can actually see this platform from ground level, but not activate the rope. This'll save us a hell of a lot of walking later.

Heading back up and time to be blind as a bat.

Hmmmmm, how do I get down from here without damage? Oh well guess I gotta just eat that falling damage! Pay no attention to the rope at the edge of my vision!

Of course the moment I'm down and nursing several snapped ankles, I instantly notice the rope. :v:

As soon as you get down there's a small locked building on your right. Don't forget this place exists!

The party is, sadly, too attached to each other to just make Twinkles pop through the bars and grab that chest on the far side. As we will eventually learn: this is actually a good thing.

I leave off a bit of exploring because what I do with that exploring is dependent on choices made shortly, and we'll need to see the inside of this house to make those choices.

Milo is not an effective door guard.

He also doesn't care if you don't follow him and instead go rifle through the Rattkin treasury instead.

It contains a key and a few minor gear upgrades, mostly a new cloak and some new rings for boosting the characters that still have empty misc. slots. Then we turn around and actually follow Milo.

Probably we should listen to what this guy has to say.

So it turns out the Dark Savant screwed over the mafia. I wonder who'll win in a fight of Darth Vader vs a bunch of literal criminal vermin.

While I ponder this, I try to break open the chest in the corner behind Milo and roll some of the worst traps possible, including...

It actually deletes shit out of your inventory! Now that's a scary trap. And then to make matters worse the contents are garbage. :v:


Rattus Rattus

Do we do the job he so politely requested next time we're in Arnika?

The Rattkin

Do we destroy them like Madras and Chief Gari requested?

Do we hold off and destroy them later when they've gotten the Astral Dominae for us?

Or do we choose to spare them and instead let them take over Trynton as their new home?

Keep in mind, Don Barleone is the only, and 100% guaranteed, drop of the special weapon only usable by Faerie Ninjas, the CANE OF CORPUS.

Next Update

Either way, the next update will take us into the swamps and T'rang territory.

From the Swamp we can go north to Bayjin, which we know nothing about.

Northeast to the Mine Tunnels, which we also know nothing about.

Or east to Marten's Bluff, where we know the T'rang have set up shop.