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Woodruff and the Amazing Schibble of Azimuth; The Bizarre Adventures of

by TwoDayLife

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Original Thread: Let's Play Woodruff and the Uncanny Language Valley

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Hello all and welcome to my Let's Play of The Bizarre Adventures of Woodruff and the Amazing Schibble of Azimuth.

Woodruff is an obscure Sierra adventure game made by Coktel Vision, the same company that made all the Goblins games. Woodruff has the same art style as the Goblins games, but gameplay-wise it's much different, as it has a lot of dialog. Puzzle-wise, though, Woodruff has the same type of insane and completely illogical puzzles that the Goblins games had. Also, because of it's relations to Golbins, Woodruff is one of the few Sierra games that has pretty much no dead ends and no deaths.

For those of you who never heard of the Goblins games, check out Frankomatic's LP of Goblins 3 here

This game was originally written in French and then translated into English. The translation was probably rushed, as there's typos galore and many lines of dialog sound like they were written by an angry french man with a dictionary.

Why am I doing a video LP of an adventure game?
Well, for a few reasons:
1. There is no option for subtitles in the game, and there is a lot of dialog that would have to be transcribed, and
2. The game has a lot of neat animations both in foreground and background and a video LP would show these off better than a screenshot one.

So what can you expect from this game?



So join me, as I travel through a city with an unpronounceable name on a quest for boots, nuts, and salvation.

How to deal with Viddler's resizing issues
I have figured out why the viddler videos look so terrible
Basically, the way that viddler resizes the videos is weird.
I noticed that Viddler's embedded players can be set to specific sizes so I now have pages with just the videos embedded on them. All viddler links will now have two options, you can view them embedded or you can video them on viddler's actual site (this option is mostly left for those who want to download the videos I suggest using the embedded option)
If you want to view it with decent quality on the viddler site Select "Full Screen" then click on menu and select the "Original Size" button up top. This will make the video quality pretty much as good as Vimeo's

See the music added for all episodes here: Tracklist

Holy Crap, Fan Art

Thanks, Stragedy!


1: Read a book Read a book Read a muthafuckin' book Viddler Dailymotion  
2: Lets never go back there againViddler Dailymotion Vimeo
3:What the hell is a breathing certificate?Viddler Dailymotion Vimeo
Bonus Video #1     Vimeo
4: This Brotoflatron requires a strulViddler Dailymotion
Part 1 Part 2
5: Lamest adventure game character everViddler    
6: son de la syllabe medicaleViddler    
7: Fuck the factoryViddler    
Episode 8: Woodruff Interrupted Viddler    
Episode 9: Don't sit on the park bench at night Viddler    
Episode 10: Wherein the plot is summed up for the player in about 5 minutes Viddler    
Episode 11: An epic fight against pure evil Viddler    
Episode 12: This has nothing to do with the game, as the game ended in the last vidViddler    
Death Reel:Viddler    
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