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Part 8: Lil' Adventures I

Welcome to the first "Lil' Update" of the LP. In these updates we will be periodically taking a break from the main story to check in with some of the other characters we've met along the way.

To do this, we have to go check in with The Girl Who Forgot Her Name, who will henceforth be known as Anamika (which user ultrafilter believes is Hindi for "nameless girl". All I could find for meaning was "one without a name" or "little sister". All of those work). Nene would have been a good Sigma Harmonics reference, but it's also a really regular looking name in a world where we're dealing with Lusse Farna, Brandelis, Enna Kros, and Seigwarides. Nameless tied for votes and would have been fine, but I flipped a coin and ended up with Anamika.

Anyway, when talking to Girl Who Forgot Her Name Anamika, we can choose the Intervene option to see a list of available quests. There's a star rating from 1 to 5 to give you an idea of how difficult the quest will be. These quests require Arma gems in order to take on.

The first quest, "The Girl Who Forgot Her Name", has us checking in on Warrior of Light as he just kind of stares vacantly off into the distance patrols.

Intervention Quest: The Girl Who Forgot Her Name (I do not know why it's called this)
(I never believed it to be more than a legend... A bedtime story someone concocted to fill the dreams of children.)

Heh. I must be more tired than I thought. Far too much excitement all at once.

*WoL turns to leave, but spots something up at the castle*


That's probably a bad thing.

*The soldier runs in with weapon drawn, but stops and looks around when he notices there's nobody here*

You won't find her.

Looks like Princess Sarah's reckless nature has paid off this time.

And then we're pulled into a battle in the Shadow Realm apparently.

From this room, you can take control of your friends' destinies and redirect the course of their lives by fighting their most crucial battles.

So it's like we're helping them in secret?

You can think of it like that. Hey, get ready.

So we've got ourselves a battle with a Bahamutian soldier and two regular Goblins. Nothing we can't handle, considering we just got through clearing out an entire forward operating base of them.

The Bahamutian Soldier does put up a pretty good fight though. He's got a good chunk of HP (2000), and he likes to use a move called Double Thrust which can hit for about 120 damage and has a Topple effect. However, as long as you have some kind of healing then this shouldn't be a problem.

He doesn't have any weaknesses, but he also doesn't have any resistances, so you can swing away with whatever moves you have.

We get some experience for the battle. The soldier had a laser focus on Reynn during the entire fight, so I decided to let her get team get knocked out near the end in order to give Lann the EXP. Reynn has somehow ended up 2-3 levels ahead of her brother despite the fact that Lann got a leg up on her with the Tama tutorial fight.

Whew... I'm glad that Her Highness is absent. The last thing I want is for her to be abducted again.

(And it's odd. While battling that Federation soldier, it felt... as though some divine force was guiding my hand to victory.)

*And then Warrior of Light turns to leave. I guess the castle guards can deal with the body/armor cleanup. One would hope that they get on that before the Princess gets back to the castle.*

When we do that, what does the other person experience?

Even time must bend to the whims of fantasy. This place is power. Here, dreams and reality and time all touch. All that was, and all that is, and all that will be. From here, you changed history. You don't have to worry--the souls you help are not able to see you.

fight someone's battle for them, and emerge victorious-- what they see is the same battle won the same way, but by their own hand.

Uh, that is totally confusing, but wow! So, we get to help a bunch of people out--and we get to keep all the prismariums we find? There's like, no downsides at all!

Seems that way.

(This room of hers affects the destinies of so many... Which makes her what exactly? Is she like Enna Kros? A god?)

I wouldn't say I'm a god in the sense you're thinking of.

Apparently she is psychic though.


But if you misuse this power, you might not like the consequences.


Me and... him? --is it "her"? --well, our fates have entwined. So now that the two of you have made it to this place, I suppose she'd want me to share a little of this power over time and fantasy.

We uh, won't mess around. I promise.

I make no such promise.


So that's the run down on the Intervention Quests. There's a bit of shadiness surrounding the process, but if it allows us to help out our little pals then I guess it's fine. Can't imagine any situations in which helping them in their battles could backfire.

After defeating Yuna, I return to the Tea Room with 2 more Arma Gems. This is enough to grab the follow-up quest that unlocked when we beat the last one.

We're once again going to Cornelia, where the Princess has been kidnapped by a different Princess.

Intervention Quest: Where Art Thou, Smoochy-Poo?
What is going on here?

You guys are terrible at guarding things. You kicked ass on the offensive against the Goblins, but defence is just not your strong suit it seems.

What? Did you say the Princess Goblin?! Oh no... This is bad!

*And then WoL charges off to save the Princess while the castle guards just stand there scratching their asses*

The Warrior of Light! Oh, I knew you would come!

Princess Sarah is not excited to hear that.

[Princess Goblin]: Yes!

Princess Goblin... I already told you my answer is no.

[Princess Goblin]: Good--- BWHAAA?!

Surely you know my heart beats for one cause: my prin-- the kingdom of Cornelia and all its people!

I highly recommend checking out the video for this one. It's like watching a school play.

Sounds like a sweet deal my man, you should take it. You don't want to end up old and lonely like me.

[Princess Goblin]: The way you gave that giant goblin a good spankeroonie-- that is just the kind of man-handling the goblin army's been dying for!

Uh... no. I have... a duty...

[Princess Goblin]: What about Her Dinkiness here could you possibly find more charming than me?! If she's that special to you, I'll keep her nice and safe... by imprisoning her for the rest of her life! Happy now? Isn't the realm in good hands?

P-please, no!

Enough! Now you've gone too far!

Now is where we come in.

But maybe you'd settle for Lann instead? How 'bout it?

[Princess Goblin]: Sorry, there's no room for dummies on this battlefield.

Maybe for you!

Reynn, Princess Goblin has just awakened some things inside Lann and now he's struggling to understand the strange new feelings. It's perfectly normal for boys his age. He's 15, some might say he's actually a little late on this.

That aside, Princess Goblin is fairly strong. 3600 HP and element weaknesses/resists all over the map. We can't catch her here, but it is actually possible to go and find her back near the goblin camp. She'll challenge us to a battle where we can get a shot at catching her there. She's actually a really difficult fight for the early stage of the game, but her capture condition lends itself really well to surviving her while you try and Imprism.

I'll show that off later, though. For now, we need to worry about dealing with her in the Shadow Realm.

She hits pretty hard. Unfortunately for her, she's on her own, so she doesn't really have a way to capitalise on her damage output.

However, Princess Charm is able to inflict Blind, so that's something to watch out for. You'll either need Eye Drops or Magic to get around this.

While we're at it, let's ignore the whole 'consequences' thing and fuck around with the Anamika's powers/Tea Room by summoning the Warrior of Light while he fights the same battle in the real world at the same time.

Champion Summon: Warrior of Light
Final Fantasy I Music: Battle Scene

Oversoul is a little more flashy in Summon form than when WoL did it during the story.

Deals a good amount of damage and gives us a Def Boost. Also, I should note that the music from Champion Summons will persist for a little bit after the animation ends. It eventually returns to the default battle music, but we do have the option of just permanently setting the default to whatever track we want. Part of me wishes that Champion Summons Music would override the default for the rest of the battle they were used in. It would make it a little more awesome than just having a certain song always playing during every battle.

Princess Goblin also has Flash, which might cause Blind to both Lann and Reynn's teams. This one missed both targets (Lann was by luck, Reynn was because she was already Blinded).

The last trick up her sleeve is Cura, which will heal her for about 500 HP. It shouldn't be too much of a setback, although it could be a problem if you've just been blinded and don't have a way to cure that.

She also has an attack called "Slash" that deals about 200 damage. Not really sure what the use of it is. She only used it once at the end of the battle and it didn't inflict any ailments. If it's a basic attack, then the question is why she just doesn't use Princess Charm instead.

We only get a little bit of money and experience for beating her. The reward is actually a little lacklustre, but this whole skit makes up for it in my opinion.

Wait! Warrior of Light!

Highness. Please step aside. I can't allow this evil Mirage to continue in her foul ways.

No, I will not. Despite her poor judgement, her heart is in the right place. Can you blame her? Like any princess, all that she desired was a dashing gentleman.

That's... wait, noble? What you do for your kingdom? I thought we were talking about princesses getting some man-muffin. Is that a noble pursuit in the service of the kingdom?


Now, if you genuinely wish to protect me, then please. Put your sword away.

Wh-what is the matter? Are you hurt?

[Princess Goblin]: *Sniff* *Sob* After all of the terrible things I went and did to you, why are you so nice?! I feel like such an awful meanie! Bwaaah!

You're right. Her Highness is as caring as they come. Why else would I have fallen in... Uh...

[Princess Goblin]: Princess Sarah... Oh I am so not worthy! You win, I must accept my defeat! So long!

*She waves and starts to trudge away, but then whips back around*

[Princess Goblin]: ...Oh, hey, from now on, I'm going to be a better ruler and look after my goblins! So long!

*She turns and starts to trudge away again, but then whips back around*

*She repeats the turn thing again after she says "So long!" and then turns back when saying "...And like-"*

...Right. We'll keep you posted.

[Princess Goblin]: So looong!

*That seems to satisfy her, and she skips off much happier than before*

A fine ruler-- willing to change when necessary. Just the sort of example I should strive to imitate.

No! Your Highness is fine the way you are. If you need help, I will always be there to assist you.

Hee hee... I am beginning to see I am in good hands. Thank you, sir.

There's no telling what Mirages might lie just around the bend. I trust that you will keep me safe until we return home?

*Princess Sarah takes WoL's hand as she says this*

Hee hee! I love thrilling adventures. We should have another one.

That's it for Lil' Update 1. We'll check in again once there are a few more quests open.