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Part 10: Update -IX- Family Reunion

Okay, last time we were sitting just outside of Saronia. If you have already forgotten, Saronia is the place that Princess Sarah is hoping will ally themselves with Cornelia against the Bahamutian Federation.

Except that Yuna told us Saronia just joined the Federation. But, we've gone through too much trouble to turn around now. Besides, it's not like we've got anywhere else to go.

Before that, we've got some Mirage rechristening to do.

As previously established, Mandragora has been named Basil.

Right Claw becomes MasterHand. Dexter would have been solid as well, but I feel Super Smash Bros. would resonate more with the youth of today than heraldry would. Left Claw will definitely be called Sinister, though.

Zapt is now Magus.

Copper Gnome is now Mugsy, as previously mentioned.

Baby Paleberry becomes Dingldoink. User dotchan named one Paleberry "Dinglberry" and another "Doink", so I combined them.

Sharqual is now Bruce. Minilodon was a great suggestion, but it won't be very appropriate as of the next update.

Magic Jar becomes Dutch Oven, because I don't care how old you are, that's just funny. I have forgiven the description people for the 'batception' thing purely because they have given us this gift.

Our first Chocochick will be called Foozles, because this game needs some Final Fantasy Tactics references.

Our other Chocochick is now Boco, who I guess is the evil twin of FFV Boco.

And our White Chocobo is now Wark, which is the sound that Chocobo's sometimes make (their regular call is "kweh").

So here is the current lineup. I brought along all of the Mirages that names were suggested for and was left with two open slots. To temporarily fill them, I bring along Babyhemoth and Ahriman.

As for stacks, there were none suggested, so I created a Jiant and Lilikin stack for both Lann and Reynn. I'll periodically change these around as needed unless someone has a really good idea in mind for one.

Update 9 Highlights - Arriving in Saronia

This chapter is incredibly short by the way, which is saying something considering the others haven't been lasting very long.

Hmm... ominous. Do you think that glows? That must be insanely annoying for people trying to sleep at night.

Anyway, we're finally here in Saronia. Saronia is another location from the Final Fantasy series. Considering we have run into Refia, you can probably guess that Saronia is from FFIII as well.

The party flies over Saronia at one point in the game and gets their airship blasted out of the sky. They eventually uncover brainwashing shenanigans with the King and beat the thing behind it and then get a brand new airship.

Thank you for your help. I'm going to go see my uncle now. Take care!

And then she just books it.


What is it?

I just the-noticed... The whole the-town seems to have a threshold around it.

Huh? Then, does that mean there's a powerful Mirage here in Saronia?

Very the-close. Keep an eye the-open.

*Reynn nods in agreement and then turns to Lann*

Hey. What's the matter? I thought you'd gotten kind of quiet.

*Lann pops out of Lilikin form*

[Cat]: Mreowww!

Ha ha, you're such a weirdo. Why are you apologizing to a cat?

But, you should have seen the look on its face! Scared the honk out of me.

Time to bother the locals like a couple of annoying tourists.

Is that a... sheep?

Oh right, the citizens. Seems like life in the Federation involves some sort of BS rewards program, except that instead of being able to exchange points for $10 off, they determine whether you'll spend your life in the slums or get to chill out in a castle! Fun stuff.

On the left side of this area, there is a set of stairs that lead up to some kind of poster or pamphlet. What's it about?

Nothing cult-like about this, no sirree.

Let's take the road south of where the sheep guy was hanging out and look around for the so-called slums.

Welcome to scenic Shanty Town. Looks like we found the place the citizens all want to avoid getting stuck in.

That guy is the last one we need to talk to, after which Lann and Reynn head back to the square.

Well, for now, why don't we see if we can go talk to that thane guy about the League of S?

I'm probably wasting my breath, but try to watch what you say around here.

Uh, sure.

How about you practice what you preach, huh Reynn? Ms. We're on official business for Cornelia.

Looks like the thane's manor is at the very tippity the-top of the town. Let's moooove... it the-out!

Before that, I return to Shanty Town to grab something.

On the left side, there's a Treasure Chest that only Jiant Reynn or Lann can access. It has the second issue of Occult Fan. What's this one about?

Treasure Ship, huh? That's worth keeping in mind. Let's goooo--

Except, there's a guy blocking the street on the right side of the main square. He tells us that the harbor is off-limits to outsiders. Guess that option is out.

Fine, let's just go see the Thane then.

Update 9 Highlights - Literally the rest of Chapter 7

Looks like Refia has hit a bit of a roadblock.

Will you just listen to what I have to say?

Is that... Refia?

Oh! You caught up.

What's going on here? They giving you trouble?

I already told them that the thane is my uncle. I'm not allowed to talk to my own flesh and blood now?

[Soldier 1]: I don't care who y'er supposed to be, 'cause y'ain't seein' him!

Dude, what?

Why are you guys all shocked that the castle guards are doing their fucking jobs? They would be really crappy guards if they just let anyone wander in to meet the guy who owns the land.

Well, you see, sir, we are here to meet the thane, on behalf of Princess Sarah of Cornelia.

That paper is huge (to a Lilikin)! Did Princess Sarah write the introduction on a commemorative poster of herself?

[Soldier 1]: What now?

I expected better from you, considering you're practically our neighbors.

Reynn, shut your mouth before I smack the taste out of it. What do you mean "our"? You're not a Cornelian citizen first of all. Second, Saronia is now part of the Federation, which tried to invade Cornelia. That means Saronia is technically an enemy. At absolute least, they are not best buddies with Cornelia anymore. How about you wait and see how they respond to the letter before you start smugly giving lip?

Yeah! You tell him, Reynn!

[Soldier 2]: Cornelia's got Jiants for emissaries?

[Soldier 1]: They got some kinda royal Cornelia thing with 'em.

[Soldier 2]: What? You sure?

[Soldier 1]: Beats me. You gonna send 'em packin' and take the risk?

*After a short time where the Soldier goes to do his basic duty, he returns*

[Soldier 2]: The thane says he'll see you.

Let's go, Refia.


[Soldier 2]: Hey! The girl stays here.

Refia's part of our antourage.

[Soldier 1]: But--


Looks like the two of you are going to need an attitude adjustment real soon. You're getting a little too big for your britches.

Thank you, guys! You're always there for me.

No big deal.

Yeah, I mean, it wasn't a lie. We were all heading in more of less the same direction.

[Thane of Saronia]: You must be the Jiant emissaries from Cornelia.

Oh, uh, yes. We're here to--

[Thane of Saronia]: Are you telling me the invasion failed? Hm? Are you here to ask for my help?

Yes, they did try to invade, but for the moment--

Who are you?

[Thane of Saronia]: Hm? Why, Refia. Is that you?

Who are you?!

No! You are not Uncle Takka!

Takka is and is not a character from FFIII. He's a blacksmith in the original FFIII, but in the remake his story role is boosted by being made Refia's adoptive father.

The Thane of Saronia Takka that we see here is a reference to that, but this one is Refia's uncle instead of adoptive father, the Thane of Saronia instead of a blacksmith, and he looks much younger than OG FFIII Takka while possibly looking slightly younger than remake FFIII.

Wait. Sorry. What?

[Thane of Saronia]: Ha ha ha ha! Then I was right. If you've managed to see through this facade, then there's no mistake: you are a Medium. Yes, I was wise to make sure you left town, and to ensure that you never returned.

Where's Uncle Takka?

What are you...

[Thane of Saronia]: How intriguing. This must be an act of fate. The Jiants from the Hills, here. And with them, a Champion's Medium! And not just any Medium-- one that bleeds the same blood as this body.

Also apparently this Takka is actually a blood relative of Refia instead of an adoptive relative.

That's disconcerting.

That answers that. He's the one who put up the threshold here.

And we're thrown into a battle.

So is he a Bahamutian soldier?

Well, he's nothing like the ones we've fought so far. Be careful!

He's a beefed up colour swap of the Bahamutian Soldiers/Commanders. I'm not overly concerned.

I have both Lann and Reynn in their Lilikin stacks at the moment. Lann is rocking with DinglDoink on top and MasterHand on bottom. Reynn has Magus and Ahriman (who doesn't have a nickname as of yet).

Federation Guard can cast Bravery to boost his attack, but not much else. He doesn't have any elemental resistances or weaknesses, so just wail on him with whatever. As is typical for 2-on-1 fights, you can always have one character focus on healing while the other attacks if you find yourself running into trouble.

He dishes out about 115 damage to Lann's stack post-Bravery boost. Not really a powerhouse.

Reynn does most of the heavy hitting for this battle. Magus and Ahriman have been around for a long time and have built up their Magic stats, so a Thunder from them can deal out about 420 damage. Lann's damage output is lagging mostly due to DinglDoink not being properly leveled as of this battle.

Federation Guard also has Venom Lance. Having Poison heal handy might be nice, but he pulled this one too late into the battle, so I just ignore the Poison and keep the pressure on.

Beating him nets us 4400 EXP, a few Arma Gems, a Mega Phoenix, and 750 gil.

Celebrating a bit too early there, Lann.

[Bahamutian Soldier]: Heh heh heh heh... Ha ha ha ha ha!


Sure. I don't mind. You're easy EXP and gil. I need both.

[Bahamutian Soldier]: Sir Segwarides... Wh-why are you...

And Segwarides scores the team kill.

You are a fool! To so much as inquire. An imbecile beyond belief, to let a Medium to Champion aspire!

Oh crap, he's one of those poetic villains.

Uh... okay.

That's not good...

We were saved! By a talking cat that shoots fireballs! ...Okay!

Huh? Isn't that the same--

[Cat]: Well, are you guys coming or not?



The-run for your lives!

Should you guys maybe have looked before jumping out the window like that? How high up are we exactly?

Heh heh heh, ha ha ha ha ha!

Sherlotta, thank you.

Agh! What do you call that creepy trick?

You're the creepy one here! Unbelievable. Would you just put these on? Then take another look at the town.

Sweet, monocles. About time we classed things up.

Huh? Is that coming out of the sky?

Tama! Get out of the way!

Hey! Refia, you should the-have a look too!

How do you explain this?

Don't expect any help from me on that one. After all, not even the visitor who left those monocles at my inn could tell me exactly what it's showing us or how.

So I thought I'd bring the lenses here, but maybe I didn't have to. The thane was visibly crazy. What in Grymoire is going on?


Okay, guess we'll file that one under "no one knows."

So, what do we do? We came here to ask about the League of S, but all we found was a lot more questions.

Sorry. Did you say the League of S?

That's right.

*One exposition break later*

You can?!

Oh, sure. I know a few people right here in Saronia who should be able to get in touch with the League. I'll ask them to pass on your message.

Do you mean it? Thank you!

Sherlotta's been around a lot longer than she looks, so she knows tons of people. Isn't that great?

Don't you talk about my age.

Eh heh heh...

So like, what's with you and the cat-o-morphosis?

I'll tell it. Sherlotta got powers from a Crystal, bad guy captured her and locked her up to use those powers for his plan, Sherlotta transferred her soul or some shit to a cat, she escaped in the cat body, then she wandered around for some 2,000 years, then found a baby (the player character). Boom. Done. Oh, and one of her powers is to apparently morph between human and cat form at will, I guess.

There you go, Sherlotta. A very long story summarized in the span of 15 seconds.

But, I will say this.

Huh?, they're promiscuous? What the hell are you getting at here Sherlotta?

Even Lann and Reynn don't know what the fuck.

Yup. So! The real question is, what are you two planning to bite off next?

We've still got a lot to puzzle over. But now that the League of S thing is settled, I think we'd better resume our quest to find Mirages.


Plus we've got that castle and Mom to track down along the way, too.

Sounds pretty good to me.

From here, the best place to go next would have to be the Low Seas. In which case, you basically have no choice but to find a boat down at the docks.

I guess this is the last town on the continent. Okay then. We'll figure something out.

Who needs a boat? Let's just take Bruce.

So what about you two?

Are you coming back to the Solace, Refia? The wolves have been taken care of now, so the only thing to fight off is the cold.

You seem oddly nonplussed by the fact that I'm pretty sure we just saw your uncle's corpse being puppeted around by a Bahamutian soldier. He did say something about you bleeding the same blood as "this body", and there was no body left behind after that transformation.

Oh well. He's probably fine.

Of course I will.

Well you two, thank you so much for everything. Best of luck in all your adventures.

Thanks! Take care!

Hey Sherlotta, thanks for stepping in to help.


Oh! So, that really was you! Gosh, I was kinda hoping you'd forget...

How about you watch where you're going, Sherlotta? I have a cat. I know damn well about their penchant for sneaking around your feet and tripping you up.

Anyway, we get the monocle, although it's a story item so we can't just use it whenever the hell we want.

More useful is that we can now get Refia's champion medal. That also means that there should be some new Intervention Quests kicking around. Time for another Lil' Update!

Yes, that was actually the entirety of Chapter 7.