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Part 40: Lil' Adventures VII

Please enjoy the Highlights video. It took four attempts before Openshot decided to stop throwing crashing tantrums and encode the damn thing.

We've hit the (rough) end of the main game, so before we continue and (I assume) finally track down that remaining Maxima content, we need to clear out the last few Intervention Quests.

I think there are about eight quests we haven't seen, so I'll divvy them up between two Lil' Updates. Keep in mind that these are the intervention quests from the base game. We haven't run into any of the Maxima added quests. Unless I missed something, that means we'll need to beat the final boss first before we can see it and by extension the other EU specials.

Lil' Update 7 Highlights - World of Final Fantasy

We'll start with this bullshit Advent Children garbage.

Terra is already stationed close by. Once she's freed up, I'll tell her to rendezvous with you and help out.

Got it. But there won't be anything left to help with. One of us is gonna take that Mirage down first. Wanna make it a race, Cloud?

Hmph. Not interested.

Yay! Catchphrases!

[Villager]: Oh, you'd better believe that I've seen it! Ugh, I've never been so scared in my life! When it came here and attacked the village, I was just about ready to give up all hope!

But that's strange. I don't see a whole lot of damage. Where did the Mirage go?

[Villager]: You'll never believe it! This silver-haired swordsman came and drove it off. The way he wielded that long blade of his-- it was a sight to behold!

Did you say silver hair? Hey! Tell me where he went!

Christ, here we go. Also, I just want to point out that this is entirely out of character for Sephiroth. He showed up and drove off a monster attacking a village, then just went on his way? We're talking about a guy who burned an entire village to the ground just for being in the general vicinity of his destination. The Mt. Nibel Reactor where Jenova's body was hidden was in the opposite direction of Nibelheim, and he still took a detour to destroy the place just for shits and giggles.

Cloud. We're here to look for a Mirage. Not a swordsman. Don't get sidetracked.

[Villager]: I'm pretty sure that the Mirage retreated to the mountains. The swordsman went the opposite way.

Got it. Thanks a lot. Cloud?

Sorry, but I'm going after that guy. Take care of the Mirage.

What? Hey! You can't just leave!

He can and does. I want to point out that, according to WoFF Cloud's Who's Who entry, this condition was part of his contract with Quistis. He's fully within his right to bail on a mission in order to track down Sephiroth.

Which, by the way, STOP MAKING SEPHIROTH THE FUCKING JOKER! Ever since Advent Children, all of Cloud's appearances have him single-mindedly focused on chasing Sephiroth, who continues to be reintroduced in asinine ways. Advent Children Cloud and Sephiroth have been turned into Batman and the Joker. I hate it, because it reduces Cloud's entire character to "Sephiroth. Must find Sephiroth. Must revenge because Aerith die." Cloud's original desire to chase after Sephiroth was due to the JENOVA cells in his body subconsciously leading him to the Reunion. After Cloud regains his original self, stopping Sephiroth is about saving the planet and stopping Meteor. That conflict began and ended with VII, but the damn Compilation brought it back and made it into being 90% of Cloud's character.

Who is this... swordsman?

(This time... I'll...)

Cloud! I didn't expect to find you here.

Terra! Oh, yeah. Quistis mentioned that you were close by. Listen, something else came up. You should go track down Lightning in case she needs your help.

"Something came up"? You left Lightning to face that Mirage all by herself?! What could possibly be so important?!

Look, there's this guy. I've been hunting him for a while. Now I'm finally right on his heels. I'm not gonna let this chance slip away!

Hunting him? Cloud, you're scaring me. Why are you after this person? Did he do something to you?

He took someone away from me. Forever.

So when you find him, what are you going to do? Will killing him bring back the woman that you lost?

That's right, despite coming to terms with Aerith's death in FFVII (it's implied she died willingly in order to ensure the summoning of Holy/the Lifestream to save the planet. If she hadn't died, the Lifestream wouldn't have been summoned and Holy would have failed to repel Meteor), Advent Children reversed that and now we're left with this.


Also, yes, we're doing this "Revenge won't solve anything" crap again.

This isn't any way to honor her memory. To take your love for her and turn it into hate? Especially when it makes you abandon your friends! You have to decide. What's more important? Is it anger and revenge? All right then. One of us will stick by Lightning. I know what I care about-- her safety.

I sure as hell don't.

I didn't...

Yeah. Thanks. This one's a real handful.

That's the Mirage that Lightning "all-powerful savior and best character ever" can't beat? Generic Titan? Come on. I don't even like Lightning and that's still an insult. Yuna fought Ultima Weapon by herself.

I bumped into Cloud on my way over, but he said he was busy hunting someone...

It's okay. Just forget about him. Hey! Look out!

Cloud! You came back!

Weren't you out looking for that silver-haired swordsman?

I remembered I had something more important to do.

More important?

Oh yeah. Off-brand Titan here is definitely higher on the priority list.

Terra. I'm sorry. I get it now... I almost sacrificed others I care about. Never again. No. I won't lose anyone else I cherish. I swear.

Yeah. There's not a thing I don't cherish!

This is an Advent Children reference. I... I don't wanna talk about it anymore. Just let this end.

It sounds like he passes the-in and out of Grymoire without belonging to it. An Antichampion.

An ant Champion?!

I said the-"anti"! Instead of helping to save the world, he hurts it by creating even more the-chaos and suffering.

Right, except for that time about an hour ago where he saved a village of innocents from this very Mirage.

There are people like that out there?!

Maybe the-one day you'll meet him in an expansi-- Oops! Never the-mind.

That expansion would never come, because Sephiroth has no story role in the Maxima addition.

Anyway, he's not in Grymoire at the moment, so I wouldn't the-worry about him too much right now.

This piece of crap is the thing that stopped the mighty Lightning in her tracks, apparently. No elemental resists, but also no status weaknesses.

In terms of offence, he uses the same general attacks as Titan did. He seems to have a preference for Body Slam, which has a topple effect. He also still has Magic Counter, but hitting him with Magic is still your best course of action since his physical defence is high.

He's really not a threat. 22k is nothing in terms of HP. I'm not even sure if he can use Titan's special move, because it died before it could use it (or if it could).

It's good to have you back. Thank you.

Don't think for a second that I've given up on my search. But, now that I've got my priorities straight... I won't mess 'em up.

So. Let's go. You can practice your cherishing on the way home.

We get an Iron Muscles memento for beating the quest. Inflicting Defense Down is something you are fairly unlikely to be able to do when you first tackle this quest (those abilities are kind of rare), so I find it's easier to just transfig into it from Titan.

Lil' Update 7 Highlights - To the last I grapple with thee

On to the next. Yeah, the game is still pairing Tidus and Yuna together. Tidus doesn't seem to get many Intervention Quests with just him, or him and other characters.

Tidus, you and giant whales have kind of a history. Said history has the whale beating you more times than you beat it.

Uh... Thank you. But, we're here to fight him together. You don't have to "take him" alone.

You got it! So, is it me, or do we have somethin' here? Like we're... soul mates! Wouldn't you say?

U-ugh. This is no time for silly jokes. We need to focus on the battle that lies before us.

Ha ha! Okay, you're right, I'm sorry. I just wanna help us relax. Loosen up before the big fight. Right, let's roll out!

So hey, if I remember right, don't they call Bismarck the "shining demon"?

Huh, I've heard it called "The White" and "G**dammit somebody trigger the f***ing harpoon!", but not "shining demon".

Seems kinda weird. "Shining" doesn't sound threatening. Like, between Shining Yuna and Shady Yuna, Shady Yuna sounds bad, but SHINING Yuna sounds cool.

Tidus. Let's save the analysis for later. Right now, we need a plan in case things go wrong. Say... we fail to defeat Bismarck. Valefor and I will create a diversion so that you can--

Hey, hold up. What "say"... we maybe think some happier thoughts?

There's nothing wrong with being prepared for the worst. But, I promise you: on my honor as a summoner, I will keep you safe.

Good on you, Yuna. Only idiots don't make contingency plans. Try for success, but always plan for failure.

Come on now, Yuna. I'm glad you're lookin' out for me. I am! But, can't you at least let me pretend like I'm helping? See, there's this thing about guys.

A good summoner has to know people to help people! Right? Guys are like half the population. You don't want to be fifty percent summoner, do you?

Tidus, shut up.

Well... that's fair. So if I understand you correctly, then learning about men is... an education.

That's right! I don't wanna scare you with all our deep and complicated emotions

Oh my god that's precious.

(Blitzball blitzball blitzball Yuna in a bikini blitzball Yuna in tiny boy shorts No fuck you dad!)

so, let me just give you the broader points. Number one...

Ugh... I knew that you weren't taking this seriously!

Aha ha! But you were taking it so seriously that I couldn't help it!

...Ha ha! Okay. I'll admit, you did get me to relax.

There! That's more like it. If you don't enjoy yourself, then what's the point of goin' on a quest?

*Tidus proceeds to whistle*

That's wonderful! A sound that clear could cut through anything... Wait, that's perfect!


If we ever get separated, you can just whistle to signal for help! Okay? And then I'll come running.

You know how to whistle, don't you, Yuna? You just put your lips together and blow. Boom, To Have and Have Not reference!

Actually, this is a X reference. Not that quote I used, I mean this scene. In FFX, Tidus teaches Yuna to whistle so that the two can always find each other. The end of the game has a shot where Yuna is standing on the pier and whistling before she makes a big speech in Luca Stadium.

Ugh... You know, you seem real set on coming to somebody's rescue before this day is over. So, now you whistle.


*Yuna tries and fails miserably*

Uh... That's okay! I won't need it. I never ask others for help.

Why not? So you're a summoner. So what? There's no shame in asking for help when you need it!

Tidus, you've already been there for me once when it mattered the most.

Then let me be there again! It's not like anyone's keeping score.

Weren't we supposed to be Captain Ahab'ing a big-ass whale? What happened with that?

Why is it that... you're so...

Finally. About time... wait, what the hell is that thing?

Oop! We got company!

I suppose that's just how this Mirage rolls. Make sure you have the doc's medicine at the ready just in case we get sucked in, okay?

Yes the-ma'am!

That's Bismarck? Why is it a shark?

Oh well, questions for later. We need to deal with it first. Thunder is the way to go and Water resistance if you can manage it. Bismarck can put up a solid fight.

As with Leviathan, the water weakness of my current stacks makes this a much harder fight than usual.

In terms of physical attack, Bismarck hits for about 1,000.

It's special attack is Breach Blast, which is essentially Waterga. The key to this fight is really just having strong water resistance. If you can put together a stack that nulls water, then the fight is a cakewalk since physical attacks will be Bismarck's only means of damaging you.

Other than that, just make sure to have Thunder abilities or items (Aero is a decent substitute). 60k in HP takes a long time to burn through if you are relying on basic attacks. He doesn't have any surprises, this is just a long fight.

Huh? Where did he go? Hey, Tidus! Tiduuus! No, no! He was... right here... Wait! If I whistle for him, maybe he'll come back like nothing happened...

*Yuna once again fails miserably at whistling*

I can't... I just can't do it... Tidus...

But of course Tidus comes flying out of the water.

Yuna! You all right? Hey!

...Heh. Aha ha ha! Silly! Of course I'm all right! Don't scare me like that.

Heh! Sorry 'bout that. So, you wanna head back?

Sure! Let's go!

And now we have a Bismarck memento.

That doesn't explain why you made him a shark instead of a whale, description writers/developers.

Bismarck is supposed to be a whale summon/monster, first appearing in FFVI and only making a scattered appearance after that. It originally had Leviathan's spot, but Leviathan was added into the VI GBA release, thus making Bismarck a regular summon again.

Next up, we're going to take care of two quests that involve Mirages we heard about quite some time ago but have yet to run into. A while ago we stopped by the coliseum and ran into Ifrit and Shiva for a second time, only to be interrupted by Ramuh who explained that the three of them have a sort of important duty to attend to in the Nether Nebula. As a result of Ifrit and Shiva slacking off, a female Ifrit and a male Shiva escaped into the world by exploding some poor saps (or something to that effect. We're told that it was messy).

Lil' Update 7 Highlights - Burn baby burn

So we're starting with the female Ifrit, as suggested by Rydia running around and screaming inside an active volcano.

Just leave me aloooone!

..... I thought so. Rydia, what are you doing?

Ah! ...Oh! Lady Yuna.

*A brief explanation later*

Ohhh. Now I understand. So you came here to train and try to conquer your fears. That's great!

How do I put this...? The others are doing so much. I don't want to keep getting in their way all the time.

Well, why don't I help you out? If that's all right.

Huh? Oh, no! Not when you are so busy, my lady.

For some reason it's really weird to me to see the summoners from older Final Fantasy titles holding Yuna in such high regard considering that she's the "youngest" in terms of her game's release. I know it's an age thing (especially for Eiko), but it just seems off.

But you're doing something important that I want to be a part of. Please, let me help out. You and I are summoners. We should stick together.

Oh, Lady Yuna... You're too kind.

Not long ago, I started sensing a powerful fire entity here. Even the other Mirages seem intent on keeping a healthy distance.

You're right. I can feel its presence. Rydia, will you be okay?

All right then. Here we go, Rydia.

Oh god, she's even more of a furry than the rest of the Ifrit line.

I... I have come here to do battle with you.

Rydia, wait! Something's not right. There's something wrong with her soul... Tell me. Who are you supposed to be?

[Ifreeta]: You mean that you don't know? Every moron has heard of Ifreeta, duh.

Ifreeta is voiced by Tania Gunadi in English and Yukari Tamura in Japanese.


[Ifreeta]: Yup. You might say that I'm the girl who puts all the heat back in ifrit. Tell me you didn't come all the way down here by accident?

So you an ifrit? Well, good. You're just what I'm looking for! Fight me-- help me beat my fear of fire! One fight, that's all I ask!

[Ifreeta]: Well, you're not gonna last too long against a scorcher like me. But, why not? You have such a lovely soul, after all. Lucky for you, I would be delighted to take it off your hands!

Lady Yuna, get ready!

So it's you. You're the ifrit that escaped from the Nebula.

[Ifreeta]: Waaait, what's the deal here? Have you two been hunting me down? *Sniff*, *sniff* *sniff* *sniff*... Mmm... Your souls.. I can't put my finger on it but... Ooh, they're making my mouth water! Aha ha!

You're kidding. Are you saying you feed on people's souls?

[Ifreeta]: There's nothing better than a soul on the coals, releasing all its flavor as it flickers out! Aha ha ha ha!

Urp! That is the grossest thing I've ever heard. Hey Reynn, tell me we're gonna teach her a good lesson!

How is that gross?

Yeah. We have to do something about her, that's for sure.

[Ifreeta]: Gimme a break. You don't think you can actually take me? Oh, that is way too good! Well, whatever. It's time to chow down!

Ifreeta is not exactly much of a threat, unless you happen to have piss poor fire resistance. She has three different elemental weaknesses to exploit and only 20k in HP. Watera can probably hit her for about 3,500-4,000 damage.

Lil' Update 7 Highlights - Crimson Cyclone

Her special is Crimson Cyclone. Even with Reynn's stack being weak to fire, it still only manages to shave off about 1/3 of their HP.

*And Ifreet vanishes*

I've never felt heat that intense before. It's like, she was trying to burn away everything but my soul...

Yes... With a Mirage that dangerous loose, no one in Grymoire would have been safe. But see? We managed to stop her from hurting anyone. And it's all because of you.

D-don't be silly. Without your help, Lady Yuna, I would have...

You really should have more confidence in yourself. You fought so well! Now. Before we come across even more trouble, shall we go?

Yes, that seems wise.

Uh, Rydia? Ugh... I guess overcoming your fear of fire will just have to be an ongoing project. Come on, last one to the exit is a rotten egg!

Wha-- Hey, wait! Lady Yuna, no fair!

We get an Ifreeta memento for this, so Litten can become one if we so choose.

Ifreeta was designed for this game, so the chances of her ever getting in on the regular FF lineup is pretty slim. I guess if there is ever a sequel to this, then maybe.

One last intervention for today. This quest is one of the better ones for grinding. It's pretty easy, pays out about 140k in experience, and can be run through in about a minute or two depending on how strong your Fire attacks are.

The encounter rate in secret slip is fairly low, even with the Lure mirajewel, but I still prefer to go there just so that I don't have to skip cutscenes (you have to wait a few seconds into the cutscene before it can be skipped, so you can't just mash). Secret slip is easier to just turn your brain off and watch a video or listen to music or something while you grind.

Lil' Update 7 Highlights - Super Sentice


[Shiva]: .....

[???]: Evil must perish.


Shivarly is voiced by John Paul Karliak in English, Mamoru Miyano in Japanese.

Huh? Whatcha talking about?

[Shivalry]: Can you not see it? That Mirage with you has been corrupted... They've tainted her! The Cogna have tainted her!

Think you've got the wrong idea there, pal.

[Shivalry]: Alas, I am all too aware of the grief you feel. But I swear to you, her end will be quick and painless!

I love this guy. He's Sentai/Power Rangers as hell and it rules.

You must be the male shiva who busted out of the Nether Nebula.

Really, how can you talk about justice when the only way for you to come to this world was by hurting someone?

Pot calling the kettle black, Reynn.

There's only one villain here, and that, is you. Sorry, but we're the good guys!

It's really sad that you two believe that despite everything you've done and all the damage you've caused.

[Shivalry]: Poppycock. You simply cannot make an omelet... without breaking a few eggs.

Ugh... Don't you know the omelet thing is like a classic one-liner for villains? You need a good lesson!

This fight is a pushover if you have decent fire attacks (or fire items). Dark, Thunder, and Earth are good options as well.

Lil' Update 7 Highlights - Deep Freeze!

Shivalry's special is Deep Freeze. This is basically just the ice version of Ifreeta's battle/move set. There isn't much to say about it. He has slightly more HP, but magic such as Thundara can kock off like 3,000-4,500 damage a shot. If you have Fira then you can probably wreck him in a few turns.

I don't know what your deal is, bro, but don't worry about her. I have special l'Cie powers, and they give her all the bells and whistles.

Your Who's Who specifically mentions that there are no fal'Cie in Grymoire, so how the hell do you have l'Cie powers? What the hell even is a l'Cie in a world where fal'Cie don't exist?

Snow is somehow not a summoner (which does exist in this world), but he is a l'Cie (which is something that doesn't exist in this world).

[Shivalry]: Huh? ...Hmm. Perhaps I was wrong. She's not insidious enough to be Cogna.

I can understand Ifreeta being locked up because of the whole "soul eating" thing, but why was this dude sealed away in the Nebula? He's a little quick to judge, but he seems to have good intentions. He's at least eager to help fight the Cogna.

[Shivalry]: Hmm... Fine, I shall make it up to you. Name your foe, and I will assist you in a single battle.

Good! Then today, we can finally settle the score!

Right. Remember to exploit its weaknesses, and be ready for a long fight. Okay?

Lil' Update 7 Highlights - "A long fight"

Big Jiggle dies 3 hits later, plus a love tap from Lann while waiting for AP to restore.

[Shiva]: Hoooaaah!


*And Big Jiggle is frozen in a pillar of ice, thus solving the problem forever*

All right!

[Shivalry]: Success! Although, our victory will be short lived if it thaws.


Oh, that's a good point. So what do we do, just cross our fingers?

...I sense something... evil, something... fanboyish...

Son of a bitch! How do you keep sneaking into the WoFF developer's office?!

[???]: You never did finish what you started.

You know, for my first crack at it, that was pretty good.

[Shivalry]: Zounds! Not that's what I call "just desserts"!

*And then Shivalry flies off*

Hey, Sis!

I thought we've been over this already. I am not your sister.

Am I glad to see you, Sis!

What did I just finish saying?!

Would you just... I seriously must be talking to a wall.

And now we get Shivalry's memento. "Space rocks or the color yellow" is a reference to Superman and Green Lantern for those not familiar with western comics. I heavily presume that's the reference anyway, unless there is a Sentai series out there where there are characters that have the same weaknesses.

That's it for this update. Next time, we'll finally clear out the Intervention Quests (well, mostly. There's still the Maxima quests, and an Anamika quest... and also A Bridge's Woes).