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by LesBeardly

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Original Thread: World of Goo


This LP is also available on the Internet Archive! Some video LPs are kindly hosted by the folks on This means the original source videos will always be available for download or watching, even if the original video hosts are no longer available!


Too lazy to scroll down? Here's a playlist of the entire LP.

Hosted on YouTube, mirrored on Blip. Right-click/save as the download link to get the best quality video. The download link has dual audio streams so you can turn off my commentary if you wish.


Chapter 1: The Goo Filled Hills

01: Going Up, Small Divide, Hang Low([Download]
02: Impale Sticky, Ivy Towers, Tumbler, Chain([Download]
03: Flying Machine, Fisty's Bog, Tower of Goo([Download]
04: Ode to the Bridge Builder, Regurgitation Pumping Station([Download]

Chapter 2: Little Miss World Of Goo

05: Drool, Fly Away Little Ones, Blustery Day([Download]
06: Welcoming Unit([Download]
07: Beauty School([Download]
08: Leap Hole, Whistler([Download]
09: Volcanic Percolator Day Spa([Download]
10: Beauty and the Electric Tentacle([Download]
11: The Red Carpet([Download]
12: Genetic Sorting Machine([Download]

Chapter 3: Cog in the Machine

13: Burning Man, Second Hand Smoke([Download]
14: Misty's Long Bony Road, The Third Wheel, Water Lock([Download]
15: Super Fuse Challenge Time, Upper Shaft([Download]
16: You Have To Explode The Head, Incineration Destination([Download]
17: Product Launcher([Download]

Chapter 4: Information Superhighway

18: Hello World, Bulletin Board System, Grape Vine Virus([Download]
19: Graphic Processing Unit, Road Blocks([Download]
20: Graceful Failure, Alice and Bob and the Third Party, The Server Farm([Download]
21: MOM's Computer([Download]
22: Deliverance([Download]

Epilogue: End of the World

23: Infesty the Worm([Download]
24: Weather Vane, Horizontal Transportation Innovation Committee([Download]
25: Observatory Observation Station([Download]



World of Goo was made by 2D Boy, an indie developer consisting of two former EA employees. The game is available for PC and WiiWare. It's a physics-based puzzle game in which you build bridges and towers and the like in order to reach your goal. World of Goo is similar to Portal: although it's a short game, learning how to beat each level is an amazing experience, and there are plot twists you won't expect.


I had a lot of fun playing this game, and I try to recapture that same experience in the videos. As you watch, try to think of how to beat each level before I show you, it will enhance your viewing experience. If it's not immediately clear what to do, I'll spend a few minutes showing off what not to do first. I will also be providing very sparse commentary. If you use the download link, I've provided dual audio tracks so you can turn off my voice.

DO NOT SPOIL THINGS IN THE GAME UNTIL I REACH THAT POINT. If you must talk about future levels, do it in spoiler tags, and be as vague as possible.

CAST OF CHARACTERS (in order of appearance)

Black Goo: Blackgu is the basic, common goo. Has two legs. Not a minority in the World of Goo. First appearance: Going Up

Sign Painter: Is not a goo. Seems to exist only in sign form. He loves to break your immersion and spoil the strategies for each level. Probably also reads plot summaries on Wikipedia and spoils books and movies for you too. First appearance: Small Divide

Albino Goo: Whitegu has four legs, making him twice as strong as Blackgu. Sunburns easily, and prefers to spend time in cold areas. First appearance: Hang Low

Gears: Are not goo, and in fact, enjoy killing goo. Exist for no other reason than to make the World of Goo more dangerous. First appearance: Impale Sticky

Time Bug: Lives a life full of regret, always wondering if he did the right thing. Has the power to teleport you back in time. First appearance: Impale Sticky

Ivy Goo: Greengu is female, but not really attractive enough to do modeling or anything. She has three legs, and is afraid of commitment, looking for any excuse to break up the relationship. First appearance: Ivy Towers

Balloon Goo: Flygu doesn't have much personality, and is kind of an airhead. Only one leg, but can lift your spirits. First appearance: Flying Machine

Useless Goo: Welfaregu never leaves his tower, and refuses to help you build anything. Does nothing but crawl around and get sucked into pipes. First appearance: Flying Machine

Fisty: Is not goo, but seems to like the taste of it. Despite looking really scary, he is very lethargic and doesn't do much of anything. First appearance: Fisty's Bog

Eyeball Goo: Eyegu is a lot like Flygu, but looks creepier and will likely give small children nightmares. First appearance: Regurgitation Pumping Station

Drool Goo: Much like a slug, Wetgu tracks a trail of slime behind him wherever he goes. Very unsanitary, even for a gooball. Likes to just hang around. First appearance: Drool

Freedom Scraper 3000: The most patriotic scraper of them all. He is the security guard for the pipe, only allowing rich Christian white male approved gooballs to pass. Is not afraid of inferior goo, but harbors a deep hatred for them. First appearance: Welcoming Unit

Beauty Goo: Pinkgu is so pretty, she has her own pipe to use. Unfortunately she is too fat to fit into pipes normally, so with the help of Gears she diets undergoes liposuction and breaks into 18 smaller beauty goos. Spent a lot of money on those lips. First appearance: Beauty School

Whistle: Although it looks round, the whistle is not a goo. Chirps like a bird when you click. Goo balls can't resist its music, forming a mosh pit in its general area. First appearance: Whistler

Ugly Goo: Yellowgu may look a lot like Pinkgu at first glance, but don't be fooled. Many a goo ball has had a bit too much to drink and woke up next to this drag queen. First appearance: Volcanic Percolator Day Spa

Electric Goo: Zapgu is a lot like Wetgu, having only one leg, but he is an excellent conductor of electricity. The Goo Corporation makes use of him for their mysterious power source. First appearance: Beauty and the Electric Tentacle

Red Carpet Extend-O-Matic: This is Pinkgu's favorite form of transportation, allowing her to get around without with lifting a finger. May look majestic, but is covered in spikes to crush any goo that hasn't undergone plastic surgery. First appearance: The Red Carpet

Burning Man: Is insecure about his very large head, crying himself to sleep every night. Although he is very emo, he has no wrists to slash. First appearance: Burning Man

Asshole Bomb Goo: Jerkgu and his friend are huge assholes, following Burning Man everywhere to laugh at how emo he is. They are such huge dicks that they actually build fuses to themselves and go all jihad on Burning Man, just to make him cry some more. First appearance: Burning Man

Flammable Goo: Flamegu is a severe fire hazard, but that didn't stop an idiotic robot manager from building structures out of him near open flame. Has two fuses - I mean legs. First appearance: Burning Man

Fire: Is not goo, but looooooves to burn it. Seems to have overtaken the entire factory, leaving one to wonder how production is still going on. First appearance: Burning Man

Misty: Is not Fisty, although he can be seen in the background. They can wave to each other, but are too far away to talk. Misty loves cold weather. First appearance: Misty's Long Bony Road

Skull Goo: Deadgu may or may not be alive, but either way he seems happy about it. Has two legs and is just about invincible. First appearance: Misty's Long Bony Road

Lonely Goon Goo: Since he's ugly and overweight, Goongu has no friends. The slightest physical contact with another goo causes him to sprout an erection several love spikes. First appearance: The Third Wheel

Exploding Man: Burning Man's more dramatic cousin, who has to one-up him whenever possible. Not content to just die when ignited, he explodes in a fiery inferno. First appearance: Upper Shaft

Cute Robot: A very cute head-tilting robot who we shamelessly murder in the name of PROGRESS. It's his fault though, he shouldn't have built the pipe behind his head. First appearance: You Have To Explode the Head

Sticky Bomb Goo: Bombgu gets all the ladies. They enjoy how he sticks to things, although when Goongu does it they find it creepy. Has an explosive personality. First appearance: You Have To Explode the Head

Ignition Goo: Boomgu is a lot like beauty goo, breaking himself into smaller pieces. Made of pure gunpowder, he can cause quite an explosion. First appearance: Product Launcher

Digital Goo: Digigu is very masculine, and can be launched at speeds up to 88 miles per hour. If you get close enough, you can catch a whiff of his binary trail. First appearance: Hello, World

Square Goo: Much like the switch from 2D to 3D gaming consoles, Squaregu has a low polygon count to make up for the extra dimension. Although he is similar to common goo in almost every way, he looks and sounds much more advanced. First appearance: Hello, World

Virus Goo: Malgu is what happens when Digigu gets too clingy and won't let go. Lots of expensive software exists to get rid of this guy, but he's actually pretty harmless. First appearance: Grape Vine Virus

L Block: Is actually lowercase, although he gets really mad if you point that out. When he's not clearing multiple lines at a time, he wins gamefaqs contests for best videogame character. First appearance: Road Blocks

Square Block: Although he's known L-Block for years, Square Block is much less popular. Likes to drop in uninvited and ruin your plans. First appearance: Road Blocks

Data Goo: Whenever you cybersex chat with someone online, Datagu is created. He soars through the information superhighway, delivering your smiley faces from point A to point B. Bitches love smiley faces. First appearance: Alice and Bob and the Third Party

Alice: Goes by the screenname cosmicGrrrl!. This girl never shuts up, talking the ear off anyone who will listen. First appearance: Alice and Bob and the Third Party

Bob: Goes by the screenname laconicCrusadr13. This guy is totally friendzoned and doesn't even realize it, eating up everything Alice has to say. First appearance: Alice and Bob and the Third Party

Servers: These guys power the information superhighway, but now that it's deserted, there's nothing for them to do. How boring. First appearance: The Server Farm

Virtual Goo: Similar to common goo, but it's virtual! Lets you play a World of Goo minigame inside the Virtual World of Goo! First appearance: MOM's Computer

Games: The programs you use on your computer at work. Much like L-block, people seem to really like games. First appearance: MOM's Computer

Apps: The programs you quickly tab over to at work when your boss is nearby. Much like square block, people don't seem to like apps very much. First appearance: MOM's Computer

MOM: Mom is an Automated Search Engine Companion written with LOVE. She sends special mail offers to her valued users. The text box is not her mouth. People think it is, but it's not. First appearance: MOM's Computer

Pointless Blocks: These guys were in the way so I blew them up, who cares about them. First appearance: Deliverance

Undelete Button: Take the red pill and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. First appearance: Deliverance

Fish: These guys can puff themselves up with air, making them light enough to fly by flapping their fins. First appearance: Observatory Observation Station

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