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Part 18

Friday, March 24, 2084, 12:00


With the opening of the advanced biochemistry lab a few days ago, the amount of research pouring out of the facility is amazing. Autopsies and analyses take hours instead of days. As such, they've finished a lot of research.

The skeletoids appeared at first glance to be the source of the alien intelligence. These creatures have, for once, a well formed brain structure and intelligence. Psionic interrogation proved useless though, as the creatures have no language and still appear to be taking orders from a mysterious higher power they've never seen. The potential for great intelligence lies in them, but they've never received the education to utilize it.

The research into these "lower" forms of alien life provide us with the general path of an alien life cycle. Eggs hatch into multiworms. The multiworms in death release a few hyperworms. The hyperworms undergo metamorphosis into a chrysalis, and from the chrysalis are born all other types of alien (Anthropod, spitter, popper and skeletoid).

From egg to multiworm to hyperworm to chrysalis to "higher" alien life takes between ten and thirteen days, each step taking around two to three days. The curious part is that the life span of the higher forms appears again to be measured in days.

Complete research into the topic should provide us with much more information about the aliens as a whole and a better means to defeat them. Especially considering...

...that our biological weapons reseach has come to fruition. The "A" toxin is quite effective in killing aliens - as well as humans, bacteria and pretty much everything else that could be considered alive. A-toxin is a witches brew of toxic chemicals, animal venom and various other lethal substances that when injected grossly overkill their target. Knowing the alien life cycle should give us a better means to develop a more directed and specific toxin effective in killing only aliens.

Our engineers are working on building toxiguns for every soldier. The weapon is extremely light and will become standard issue for all troops.

Our biology research was not the only one to pay off very well recently.

The alien disruptor weapon is deadly, accurate and needs no reloading. I have ordered it replace all pistols, machineguns and laser sniper rifles used by our soldiers.

The alien energy source for their ships and weapons seems to be an anti-matter source located outside of our own dimension. This allows the aliens to use incredible amounts of power without having to worry about carrying around fuel, or other energy replacement devices.

Once we discover how the alien equivalent of a computer system works, we may be able to replicate the alien UFOs for our use. This war will never be won on Earth - we need to take the fight to the aliens, inside their dimension. We are very close to this goal now.

Earlier today the aliens again attacked with two of the tall transport ships and three escorts. Again we were barely able to shoot down one transport, but not before both ships deposited their loads. The UFO was recovered without incident. The second mission was to a government warehouse.

Coolswa continues to become an excellent marksmen.

Schlock, our last hybrid was also very impressed with the combat ability of the new disruptor gun.

Finally, we sent in a team to the Transtellar spaceport.

Two more android hires - Monkey-OD and HAL, bring our android total to four. The four were made their own squad and proved very effective. Relations with S.E.L.F. have improved lately, and they're finally beginning to answer our call for more android soldiers.

Sin Nerone still prefers his auto-cannon with explosive rounds to the disruptor gun. He wouldn't have survived this mission without it.

I'm writing this report in preparation for a mission we're going to undertake in a few hours. Our intelligence operatives and MegaPol officers have confirmed that a high-level meeting of Osiron Syndicate members will be taking place shortly. X-COM, with their new powerful weapon technologies, are to be sent in to administer justice and attempt to capture some of the Osiron leaders. Finally, we'll have a reason for all of the recent terrorist attacks.