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Part 19

Friday, March 24, 13:00


Otto Zander: UberJew, you understand that the following conversation is being recorded?
UberJew: Uh...yeah, yeah I know. I didn't...I mean it wasn't my....
Otto Zander: Hold on. Now you're not in trouble, I just want to make sure everything is clear about the mission around noon on March 24 to disrupt an Osiron meeting. Consider this a standard debriefing like any other. We're going to watch the mission files until the appropriate incident, OK?
UberJew: OK.


Sin Nerone: If the info's right, they're somewhere in this building up ahead.

Sin Nerone: SHIT! Sniper in the upper level. Flyers! Go take him out.

Mindfish: There's a lot of movement up there.

Mindfish: Ready? Breach!

SynthOrange: Eight guys, maybe more. El Maligno, your turn.

El Maligno: And that's how you do that!

BeerDeer: I got one in the window!






BeerDeer: Whoa, shit, look at this guys...

BeerDeer: How the fuck did they get disruptor guns?

SynthOrange: I have a bad feeling. I think we got all of them though. Commence sweep.

UberJew: Stop here!


UberJew: It had appeared that we killed everyone and began the usual systematic search of the area. Incidently, did we ever figure out how Osiron got their hands on disruptor guns?
Otto Zander: We don't know yet. All the units we've recovered are present and accounted for, and Osiron doesn't have the means to manufacture them even if they had blueprints. We've been hesitant to sell the surplus units we have specifically to keep them out of the hands of everyone else, but we may have to change that policy. A black market in disruptor weaponry would bring massive profits to the first organization to sell a large quantity of them.
We're getting off track. Continue with the after-mission sweep.
UberJew: Right.

UberJew: We got a call over the radio that Lilljonas had found a hidden passage in the foundation of one of the buildings. He said he sighted an Osiron member in a panic, and was going in. I was the nearest soldier to his location, so I came in for backup.

UberJew: When I got there Lilljonas was dead and the panicking Osiron member was ranting.
Otto Zander: What exactly did he say? His exact words?

UberJew: He was barely coherent and terrified. He said "Get out of here! You don't understand! They put" and that was it.

UberJew: I heard a pop, and blood flew everywhere. The guy was dead.
Otto Zander: And that's everything?
UberJew: Yeah, I swear.
Otto Zander: Very well. You're dismissed.


An autopsy of the Osiron member indicated that he was killed by a small explosion that originated inside his skull. The other Osiron members killed by weapons fired contained an intact explosive device surgically inserted into their brains. Removal of the devices would be fatal. We don't know who or what implanted these devices, how they did it, and what triggers the explosion. The last words of the Osiron member - "they put" - doesn't exactly tell us if Osiron is being forced or blackmailed into action in the city, or by whom. It may even be an Osiron method of control over their members?

One thing we do know is that we're very close to uncovering some kind of massive conspiracy. We're not done with Osiron, not by a longshot.

Just once, I'd like for our soldiers to have a mission without bringing up more questions than they answer.