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Part 25

Thursday, April 6, 9:05



The probe was supposed to be in the alien dimension for only two minutes. It's been four. The probe wasn't supposed to stay this long, it was programmed to take a mere peek and return back.

We may have to pursue alternatives.


Thursday, April 6, 13:00


We can give up all hope of the probe ever returning. It's been four hours since it departed for the alien dimension. The ship only carries enough fuel for three hours of operation. We're going to have to move to plan B.

We designed a craft that can carry people into the alien dimension. I really didn't want to have to send in our troops blind, but it's something we're going to have to try.

Construction of the Bio-transport is underway. Once completed, we'll christen it with the name "We Come In Peace" as suggested by our soldiers, then we'll build another probe before daring a manned mission.

Some good news though:

We have a large number of devastator cannons in our stores; far more than we'd ever need. By selling them to the gangs in the city we'll make an enormous profit, and perhaps the gangs will be able to mount a defense against Osiron. Of course in the long run we'd be trading one criminal organization for another, but right now, we just solved every problem X-COM will ever have with money for the duration of this war. Our first expense:

"Law" is the military counterpart to Justice. Another Hawk Air Warrior built specifically for combating the larger UFOs.

During recent missions, X-COM operatives captured a new alien weapon. The weapon seemed totally ineffective compared to disruptor-based weaponry so it never received a mention before.

We've finished examining this weapon/creature and forsee no problems from it in the future.