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Part 27

Monday, April 10, 18:00


We've analyzed the data from the dimension probe.

The alien dimension exists in a universe very much like our own, or rather, like our own will be in about seven billion years. The data received from the mini-satellite the probe launched indicate that the alien's planet exists in a galaxy depopulated of stars. The star around the alien planet is in the white dwarf phase - the charred lifeless remains of the planet's surface show evidence of that star's previous red giant phase. The planet was blasted with heat and radiation, nearly sterilizing it. The planet is still cooked from this stage, but volcanic activity is cooling it down. The current star doesn't provide much heat or light anymore. It appears that most of the stars in the alien's galaxy are also dying. This is very similar to the way Earth and our universe will be one day, assuming the red giant phase of the sun doesn't destroy the Earth completely. This also provides a possible motive for the alien invasion - their universe is dying and they'll need somewhere else to go for long-term survival of their species. But then why attack us when there are plenty of uninhabited worlds in our universe?

This knowledge also rules out our last ditch hope - white dwarfs cannot be destroyed with a nova bomb. Not that we had one, or the plans to build it anymore, but that's a story for another day.

The laws of physics are extremely similar but slightly different in the alien dimension. The chemical that breaks down in our universe is stable in theirs, so we can only guess as to the lifespan of an alien there. Fortunately, humans and all our equipment will function identically in their dimension, so there is no worry about prolonged exposure for us. Air, gravity and other factors are within tolerable levels, so no specialized suits are required for our planned excursions (aside from night-vision and other light amplification equipment). The atmosphere is curious however - aliens and their buildings consume oxygen, but there is no natural source of it on their planet. The aliens may be creating their own atmosphere.

The alien city contains organic buildings. The walls of the buildings are incredibly thick and dense, and impervious to any weapon, conventional or nuclear. However the organic nature of the building can be used against it. Each building seems to have a specific function, like an organ. If we were able to stop the building from functioning, its own immune system will destroy and consume itself for us. We don't know how this immune system will treat us as invaders, but we'll have to try. The first target is an alien sleeping chamber; a rather unimportant building in the grand scheme of things. There are no other entrances to the other buildings, so we'll have to explore them one by one. Each building along the chain will become more and more important to the alien war machine until we finally reach the building that is generating the dimension gates. Destroy that one, and we've saved the earth.

We've also figured out the workings of the medium disruptor beam. This weapon is a powerful replacement for the plasma cannons currently in use on Justice and Law.

Earlier in the day we sent our most experienced soldiers into the dimension gate, along with the probe as backup. Their mission was to destroy the sleeping chamber and return home. We do not expect them back for some time - there has been a confirmed delay for those observing inter-dimensional travel. The soldiers will experience instantaneous travel to and from the alien dimension, but we will observe them taking between twenty and fifty hours to return, depending on many factors out of our control.

For those of us on Earth, operations continue as normal. All construction has finished at Coolswa's pad, and at Evening Star we've hired many new recruits to defend us while the main force is away. We welcome Velius, Teppec, Booyah, hybrid Redeker, Oystertoadfish, android EvilAstronaut and LtSmash. I know we said we probably wouldn't hire more hybrids, but Redeker was an exceptionally strong and fast hybrid. Plus, we needed more men badly.

Three scouts and a probe came through the gate. Based on the arrival time, these ships left the alien dimension before our crew would have arrived.

All ships were destroyed, but one managed to drop a load of soldiers.

I need to once again praise our android soldiers. Before our human soldiers could enter the building, the androids stormed in and killed many aliens. Two brainsuckers appeared but had no one to attack. With human soldiers, we probably would have lost at least one person.

After killing executive spitter, the team returned to base without any casualties.