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X-COM: Apocalypse

by GuavaMoment

Part 3

March 7, 2084, 13:45


We got the call. ElMaligno and Coolswa had to stay behind due to their previous injuries.

The call came from Bakunin Block - one of the slums right next to X-COM HQ. This worries me. How could the aliens know we're here? Is this some sort of scouting mission against our base?

We split our men into two balanced groups of six.

The call said something about a "blue man with big teeth" lurking around some bushes. We've had a lot of false alarms, but we have learned that the aliens do have a race of blue men. We think this call is legit.

Team B manages to find cover.

Team A doesn't.


Manjaw Sally: Are we sure this zone's hot? I don't see anything.
Beerdeer: I think so - look over there.

Beerdeer: Would those civvies be panicking if there wasn't something here?
Mindfish: Cut the chatter! Find that alien! Move out!


*pyew, pyew*

Manjaw Sally: Uh....I think I killed it.
Mindfish: Killed what?
Manjaw Sally: Some kind of orange, Looks rather harmless, but certainly alien.
*over the radio* LightReaper: SHIT!


LightReaper: I got one over here too! Looks like that doggies' master. It's snoozin' now.


A careful search of the area turned up no further aliens. The blueman was captured alive, but our team does not yet have a way to transport live aliens. The body was killed and the two aliens were burned to a crisp before the team headed back.

I doubt future missions will be this easy, but this is an excellent start for X-COM. The team will be sent to for decontamination and will be ready for another battle shortly.