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X-COM: Apocalypse

by GuavaMoment

Part 30

Tuesday, April 18, 1:00



Mindfish: Come in X-COM. Mission accomplished. We've got some wounded here, prep the med-bays. Have security meet us at the vehicle bay, you're not gonna believe this one. Transmitting mission files now.


Mindfish: Is the mini-satellite still operational?

YourWay: Yeah, and it's been tracking something huge over the last few days. I'm bringing up the image.

Mindfish: What the hell is that?!

Youway: Looks like a UFO. My God, is that thing heavily armed. I don't think our forces have a prayer of taking it down.

Mindfish: Good thing it's at least four times too big to fit through the dimension gate. Can you imagine what that ship could do to Mega-Primus?

YourWay: Careful guys, we have incoming fire!

YourWay: What? Our shields just dropped by 25%! Something's not right here, no weapon has that kind of power!

YourWay: There! Shields dropped by 50%!

Mindfish: How come our clock is no longer synched with the satellite?

YourWay: Uh....yeah, the satellite is ten seconds ahead of us.

Mindfish: Were we hit with some kind of temporal weapon?

YourWay: Possible. Whatever, we're at the food chamber now, Strangleglove can figure it out later.

Mindfish: Right, so here's how this one is working. There are a bunch of bright glowing orbs here providing the crops with light and heat. We go in and take them out. With me will be El Nato, Lege, Sad King Billy, UberJew and YourWay. Heti, lead android squad with 'Dini', HAL, Sair, Untalented and Pusherbot. Soup-Bot, you take Striker, Schlock and Daviel Schada. Ready? Go!

Mindfish: Look at this structure here - this must be the alien greenhouse. Let's find the entrance.


Schlock: Guys, hold up, I have a bad...something here is not right.

Striker: What's wrong?

Schlock: I'm feeling weird. There's a lot of psionic energy in the area. I've never felt anything like this before. Well, there was that one time when I....but, but that's impossible, right?

Striker: What?





Schlock: WAIT!!! I'm coming over right now! DON'T SHOOT THEM!

Schlock: I see them! They have no weapons! Hold your fire until we confirm they're hostile!

Daviel Schada: I'm taking no chances!

Daviel Schada: Sorry Schlock, their kind is built for war. I knew they were behind this somehow!

Striker: Let's get the rest of these grey bastards!

Mindfish: I've found an entrance, but it's overgrown with weeds. I'm going to have to blast my way through.

El Nato: Holy crap! Anthros, and one of the building targets. I know how to deal with this. Priming grenade!

El Nato: OW! FUCK! Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck.....those globes blast fire everywhere!

Mindfish: Well, at least we burned all the anthropods.

Mindfish: Skeletoids now! Let's deal with you the same way...

Mindfish: Awesome! There's no way they can stop this inferno!

UberJew: There's one over there not yet burning!

UberJew: Down he goes!

Schlock: Dav, Striker, DO NOT ATTACK THE SECTOIDS. This one's opened his mind to me...oh man, you're never going to believe this. Mindfish, be advised, I'm taking these sectoids back to the ship. They're not our enemy, they need our help.

Striker: Fuck man, I need your help. Look at the size of those things!

Striker: What the hell are they?

Mindfish: Cut the radio chatter Schlock, I'm a bit busy right now!

Mindfish: Now, what was that about sectoids?

Schlock: They're trapped here, they need our help! They're willing to cooperate with us! I've read their minds, I swear it's true!

Mindfish: Alright, but if this is just some kind of hybrid-based sympathy towards them that ends with this blowing up in our face, I'm going to court martial you. You understand what will happen then?

Schlock: Yes sir, I do. It'll be worth it!

UberJew: Oh, we got a runner. Taking him out.

UberJew: Nice. I think everyone's burned alive now.

Mindfish: Not quite!


Mindfish: I'm, you fucking bastard, he has some kind of alien rocket launcher.

El Nato: WHOA! HELP!

Daviel Schada: Yikes! Pump it full of toxin, quick!

*pft* *pft* *pft* *pft* *pft* *pft* *pft* *pft* *pft* *pft* *pft* *pft* *pft* *pft*

Lege: Well that took way more toxigun ammo then it should have.

El Nato: Fires are out, everything's dead. Why isn't the building coming down on our heads yet?

YourWay: Guys, I've found a cluster of globes. I'm setting my grenade to take them out. Everyone should probably begin evacuating.

YourWay: Sweet.

YourWay: The fire's spreading! Everyone out, NOW!

Mindfish: Everyone made it?

Schlock: Looks like it. And we have fourteen sectoids aboard.

Mindfish: Train your guns on them boys, if they try anything funny, shoot them. Get us to the gate, YourWay.

Mindfish: Okay Schlock, what's the deal?

Schlock: Right, these sectoids were here because...

YourWay: Sorry! We've got a bomber and a destroyer on our ass! This is going to get a bit bumpy.

YourWay: I am a leaf in the wind...

YourWay: Watch how I soar.



We've begun interrogation of the sectoids. I'll enter the details in my next entry. Until then, we've encountered our first new alien species in some time.

The bodies of these enourmous creatures take up more than half of our containment unit. We have to keep the dead body sedated, as even the corpse emits staggering amounts of psionic energy. We don't want to make any mistakes, and you can't be too careful. A recent upgrade to our bases based on the old Mind Shield technology from the first war blankets our entire base with an anti-psionic fields, to prevent any accidents. The autopsy report on this creature will surely be enlightening, but insignificant compared to what I think we'll learn from the sectoids.