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X-COM: Apocalypse

by GuavaMoment

Part 39

Friday, April 28, 17:00


It's over now.

We have finished construction of the first Annihilator class vessel.

We don't currently have a heavy disruptor beam to mount on it, but with three medium disruptor beams this one ship carries more firepower than the rest of our fleet combined. The shields we installed are stronger than the hulls of most other ships. Equipped purely for combat, we've named the ship "Frank Exchange of Views", Frank for short.

It's able to enter the dimension gates, so we sent it along with our Cult troops to finally take down that alien farm.

Frank went first to provide cover for the poorly armed transports. Frank is also equipped with a new communication device Strangleglove invented - the ability to send a signal through the dimension gate. The signal will transmit instantaneously, so there will no longer be any long waits to hear from our men in the alien dimension. Frank can transmit mission data and have it reach us as it happens.

Some of the Cultists sent on this mission had been engineered to become the popper weapon described by Psion. Others went in armed only with swords. This mission will be one of the largest ever launched by X-COM, utilizing twenty-two soldiers. The human bombs were soldiers Sindai, MGargly, Puistokimisti, Ice7, Deadly Hume, Cap'n Sibhod, Fecking Wheel, Elmo Oxygen, Jihad Joe, Fearless Decoy, Everett Haran, KGB Agent - 185, CBN-4400, Brettbot, and THS. The master swordsmen used were Psion, Nice Aaron, Liberal L33t, Fatness, Mighty Steed, Eric Wilkes and Lacroix.

Not long after we sent our ships into the gate, two bombers and two escorts appeared.

These ships were in no mood to deposit aliens. They were gunning for buildings.

Our remaining craft were sent to dispose of them.

We suffered another casualty. I'm quite surprised the probe lasted this long to tell you the truth. Strangleglove designed it to work for only a few days, but we've been using it for quite some time now. Now that we have Frank though, we no longer need the probe.

The bombers unfortunately were able to damage the senate before we could intercept them. Luckily evacuation of government buildings is standard procedure now whenever UFOs show up, so no lives were lost inside.

The fight raged on until we defeated on of the bombers.

And took things a bit too far, destroying the ship before it could crash relatively intact.

The two escorts and remaining bomber escaped.

When the ships returned, we discovered that we no longer have any janitor missiles to equip them with. The janitor missile has been our workhorse since the start of the war, and it looks like we've used up the entire supply of them. Our ships are now armed to less than half of capacity. I would be worried about this, except as Frank proved below, we don't really need missiles anymore.

The new communication system worked perfectly, and we began receiving images as soon as the teams arrived in the alien dimension. Frank escorted the soldiers in the transports to the alien farm.

Then it went to work.

Singlehandedly, Frank took down one alien bomber while being attacked by three ships.

It landed to recharge the shields a bit, and then continued its assault.

Fast attack ship down.

At ground level the conditions are so hostile that the ships disintegrate rather than crash. We lose on a lot of technology we could have captured, but we benefit by taking these craft down in their dimension instead of risking damage to our city.

Clean up time.

UFO down....

...except for this one. We've told the annihilator pilot to leave this ship alone. We suspect this ship to be a mobile alien control center. Inside, we're certain well find the intelligent aliens we've been hunting since day one. We believe them to controlling and directing their war from this mothership, and we want it intact and captured.

Every other UFO was shot down with no damage to Frank's hull, as the shields held.

With its task completed, our new soldiers began their attack on the alien farm...