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Part 5

Wednesday March 8, 2084


I woke up today to a few lovely pieces of mail.

Are you kidding me? I told them where to stick their compensation and cut off diplomatic relations.

Second, our Biochem division has finished research of a portable alien containment/quarantine module. We can now bring alien subjects and corpses back to our base in safety.

Our engineers are able to build these quickly, and at a profit of $250 per unit. It's not much, but every little bit helps.

Thirdly, Strangleglove finished examining the alien probe with no new major insights as to its operation. He says he'll proceed to examine the other type of ship we've captured.

The bio-transport module was installed this morning on our Valkyrie.


Thursday March 9, 2084


This is another day that did not go well for our forces.

It began with the first daytime incursion of UFOs against us. I believe that since they know that we know they're coming, they no longer care for stealthy incursions and are coming when it suits them.

The aliens are also displaying a smart tactic.

While our forces engaged the bulk of the alien force, one ship headed north and dropped a contigent of aliens into the sewer works building. The main force was used as bait. This tactic indicates that these aliens do have intelligence and some kind of agenda - we didn't know this for sure before. We suspected they were intelligent but could never prove that they weren't some kind of biological infestation, like ants or bees.

Quickly we tried to intercept the last ship...

...only to have it barely escape back to its dimension.

Soldiers were dispatched to the sewer works. Tempest56 and Manjaw Sally remained behind, as we wanted all of our soldiers to get a feel for combat at some point. Coolswa's previous injuries to his legs were severe, and they had to be amputated. The cybernetic legs we provided will operate exactly like his old ones. Hell, I myself have so many artificial parts and organs it would be easier to list what's still real in me. Coolswa was a little depressed at losing his legs, but I reminded him that I wouldn't have survived to over 100 years without artificial replacements and modern medical technology.

Three teams of four were made for this mission. Looking back, I don't see how we could have saved the soldiers who lost their lives. Our tactics were sound; the enemy was simply superior here.


Mindfish: Squad A! Follow me up the catwalks!

Willie Tomg: Squad C, taking defensive position.

Willie Tomg: Got something!....some kind of sacs on the ground and a humanoid doesn't have a head? What the hell?

Kurks: I'll back you up, Willie.

Cletus Van Damme: Got me one of those pink things! It's burning good!

Cletus Van Damme: Got some dog things and that blue man too. Firing!


Mindfish: OOF! ...It's OK, we're O-MEDIC! WATCH OUT!
Guerilla Medic: Huh?


Guerilla Medic: *spits* Pteh! Fleh! Bah! That thing stuck its tendril down my throat and spooged its guts out! Bleh, that's gross! At least the fucker is dead. What the hell was that?

Guerilla Medic: And now this guy's spooging me! Backup!

Cletus Van Damme: We're getting spooged too!

Cletus Van Damme: MMMMMFFFFFFF!!!!!!

Mindfish: You OK?
Cletus Van Damme: ....

Kurks: Time to die!

Kurks: That took way too much ammo. I think my sight's broken.

ElMaligno: I'll take out pinky McSpoogerton.

ElMaligno: Ha! Got 'em both!

Guerilla Medic: WHOA! Large green worms south of Squad B!

Guerilla Medic: OH FUCK NOT AGAIN!



Mindfish: What do you mean Soupy?



Mindfish: Snap out of it man! .... AW NUTS TO THIS...


Mindfish: Cletus is down...

Coolswa: I'm down the elevator. I'm going to splash the green worms...

Shanty McHardass Jr.: Huh?

Shanty McHardass Jr.: BLAH! *dies*

*Guava's note - whoops. Did not mean to do that at all. I had to stop playing and laugh my ass off for a minute before continuing. Thank God I captured it.*

Coolswa: Shit! I blew up some kind of methane processing tank! Shanty's down, worms still there! I need help!

Guerilla Medic: Take a stun grenade!

Beerdeer: I could use some help with these spitter things!

Willie Tomg: Damn! This mindbender is freakin' useless!

Coolswa: Medic! The worms are spittin' on me!

Guerilla Medic: There, it's down. Wait, it's still moving! Help!

Zap Rowsdower: *pyew* .... That got it.

ElMaligno: The other one's down too.

Kurks: Willie, go!

Willie Tomg: No mind to bend, huh? Then eat grenade!

Kurks: Still a couple left!

Coolswa: I'll get 'em!

Willie Tomg: Ah, they spit all over my armor! It's melting!

Beerdeer: Eat this!

Kurks: Nice!

Coolswa: Got another!


We lost two men - Shanty McHardass Jr was blown up by friendly fire, while something...odd...happened to Cletus Van Damme. Based on soldier descriptions what happened to Cletus was very similar to what happened to soliders in previous wars who fell under Psionic/MC control. The "Dog like" creature that jumped on his head we've given the name of "Brainsucker". We've quarantined Guerilla Medic until we're sure he's himself. He took two blows from the brainsuckers and we can't be too sure if he's still one of us.

Kurks, ElMaligno and Mindfish have all displayed outstanding skills in taking down the enemy and protecting fellow soldiers. Coolswa showed much promise despite his erratic shot causing the death of Shanty.

On first look, it appears that the pink "sacs" are some kind of alien eggs. The pink humanoid that spit corrosive acid out of their funnel like head we've called "spitters". The blue men with teeth were given the name "Anthropod" by Strangleglove. Finally, the large green worms we simply call "Multiworms". We've captured one alive and it appears to have smaller worms growing within it.

After one mission our alien containment is maxed out. We had to burn some corpses already to make room for as much as we could.

These Brainsuckers scare me. It appears they can be launched by a weapon held by Anthropods at our soldiers. They hatch, jump on the heads of our soldiers and expel their insides into the mouth of the soldier. The process is fortunately fatal to the brainsucker and as Guerilla Medic hopefully showed, not 100% effective. The exact method of "brainsucking" is a mystery to us. I've made the study of these creatures top priority.

One Anthropod equipped with this launcher could have devastating effect on the population of the city. We will need a defense against these brainsuckers, and the sooner the better.